One of the best ways to draw repeat visitors, build a community around your website and motivate sales is to connect with your audience. When content is your single most powerful and effective marketing tactic, it makes sense to use it to forge that connection. However, writing from the heart can be a challenge for some. Here are a few ways to let your words create a bridge between you and your website visitors.

#1 Write a letter. When many people write their content they’re pulled back to their school days when they were learning how to write an essay or a formal report. Unfortunately, that’s not really what grabs the attention of readers and it doesn’t often create a strong connection. Instead, write your content like you’re writing a letter. That is to say, write conversationally. Use words like, “You” and “Your” to really let your reader know you’re talking to them.

#2 Use personal examples. Much of the content you write and publish has a connection to you personally. For example, if you have a dog training website then chances are you also own and train your dogs. You’re writing from personal experience. This personal experience is a fantastic way to connect with your readers. Share your challenges, your success and your mistakes with your readers. It not only builds your credibility, it helps your readers relate to you.

#3 Communicate your personality. We each have our own unique personality. Unfortunately, many people become reserved when they write. They tamper their personality instead of flaunting it. To connect with your audience flaunt your personality. Embrace it whole heartedly and use it to connect and to build a strong brand.

If you’re funny, then tell jokes. Share your wit, sarcasm, goofiness with your readers. They won’t all like your jokes but that doesn’t matter. Some will. If you’re serious, and the tone fits your website topic, then be serious. If you’re controversial then be controversial in your content. Your personality is a tremendous asset when it comes to connecting with your audience.

#4 Ask questions. Connecting with your audience is a two way street. It requires something from you and it requires an emotional response from your reader. When you ask questions and get your reader involved in the content, they become engaged. And it may help you create more user generated content.

#5 Use emotional words. Emotional words affect the emotions of your reader. For example, instead of saying, “You might be upset if someone _______” You might write, “You’d be FURIOUS, ANGRY, or you might even swear if that’s the tone of your website. Emotional words cause emotional responses and that forges a connection with your readers. They’re particularly helpful when you’re writing sales copy but they work well in content too.

Connecting with your audience is about being authentic. When you’re able to let go and pour your personality and your experiences into your content then you’re going to be able to build a community of devoted followers. Be confident, be proud, be your unique self and connect with your readers.

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