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Letter from the Editor:

Everyone has the Write 2 Be whoever it is they were meant to be.  They have the Write to defy people’s expectations and follow their own gut instincts even if … Continue reading

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Releasing Your Fear by Releasing Control by Jimmetta Carpenter

As hard as we sometimes try to pretend that they don’t exist, fears are real and they are not supposed to be ignored as if they were made up and … Continue reading

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Writing on Empty

The following story is true (and sort of funny, but only because it ended well)… My low-fuel indicator lit up its orange warning signal a few days ago, and I … Continue reading

January 14, 2013 · 3 Comments

So You Wanna Write an eBook? by Dorothy Thompson

The buzz in writing circles these days is all about self-publishing eBooks. They hear that eBooks are giving authors that added income in between getting their print books published, but … Continue reading

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Authors Blog Your Way to Friends, Followers, and Readers by Melinda Copp

Social media marketing without a blog is like a fish without water, or a dog without a bone. Without it, things just aren’t right. Authors who want to use social … Continue reading

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The Top 15 Writing Productivity Tips for Article Marketing Success by Steve Shaw

Every new skill that you begin to learn has some challenging aspects to it. When you start to write articles for article marketing, one thing you’ll start to learn is … Continue reading

January 7, 2013 · 10 Comments

The Importance of Endurance While Writing by Natalia Jones

The word ‘endurance’ is often associated with physical activity. It is not uncommon for instance to assert that a long distance runner or a swimmer for instance needs endurance, but … Continue reading

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Katrina by Delores Jordan

On August 29, 2005, the winds howled like legions of dislodged haints. Rain raged. Mother Nature’s percussion band drummed a sound that Amber would remember for the rest of her … Continue reading

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Infidelity by Anthony Vicino

Marcus saw him. Just barely, out of the corner of his eye, earlier that day, and across town at that, but he saw him. The man had been sitting a … Continue reading

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Keeping My Muse Whispering by Delores J. Luker

The age-old argument among writers is whether to write “something” daily or to wait until the muse whispers in your ear. In a way, I have an advantage in the … Continue reading

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