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About the Editor

Jimmetta Carpenter was born and raised in the Prince George’s County Maryland and has had a very big imagination since a very early age.  Her love of words has allowed her to express herself in ways in which verbally she can not.  She is a freelance writer, blogger, and the author of a collection of poetry, The Art of Love under the Pseudonym Gemini and currently working on several novels coming soon.

She is looking forward to having a very long and rewarding career in writing and hopes that through living out her dreams she can inspire someone else out there to realize theirs.  Her advice to other up and coming authors is to NEVER stop believing in your dreams and don’t ever be afraid to dream big.

2 thoughts on “About the Editor

  1. I have poetry, and tons of it. I also have a children’s poetry book like Shel Silverstein that I am working on. I am the author of Randy Kazandy. Please visit randykazandy.com for my info. I just won the Gold Medal and it came in as the number one children’s book for the fall! I would love to be interviewed. I am on TV Morning Shows at this time talking about my book.

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