So you’ve been procrastinating again. And chances are you’re beating yourself up about it. Stop that right now. Overcoming procrastination can be a challenge, but if you read this article and act on it, you’ll discover a secret that will make it much easier to stop procrastinating and take action.

Think about it. When you think about your to do list, how do you feel? Does it make you feel overwhelmed? Chances are that it has simply far too many things on it.

I’ve been there. In fact, I often have the same problem. But my economic survival depends on getting over it, so I’ve found a few things that help. And there’s one thing in particular.

1) Get rid of your huge to-do list

You know what I’m talking about: Your huge to-do list that has far more things on it than you could ever complete in a week. And you feel overwhelmed. No wonder you’re procrastinating. That’s your body telling you that you’ve cut off more than you can chew.

So what do you do? Get rid of it.

Well, not entirely, but take a few minutes and sit down and go over it. Then pick out a couple of items that really have to get done. Then pick one of those that you can do easily if only you take the time to do it. Start a NEW to-do list and put that item on it.

Add item two and three as well and then put the other list aside. Finally, start another new list and only add item number one.

2) Focus on item number one

So now you have just one item on your to-do list, you can focus on just one task at a time. Sure, people are singing the praises of multi-tasking, but research as well as experience have shown that it just doesn’t work. So put all the other stuff aside, even item two and three, and just focus on item number one.

3) Divide and conquer

If that first item is too big, break it down into steps, and line them up underneath item one. Then tackle step one and cross it off once it’s done. Next, do step two. And so on. The divide and conquer approach makes overcoming procrastination a breeze.

In fact, before you know it, you’ll have completed item number one. Give yourself a pat on the back, a break, and maybe a cup of coffee or another reward. Then go on to item number two and repeat the above process.

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