Writer’s block is something we don’t hear about very often any longer. Twenty years ago, when I wanted to pursue a career as a professional writer, I found it difficult to sit down and write. After a short time, I believed that I was suffering from writer’s block and would always have this problem. Now that I write daily and have developed an online business based almost exclusively on my writing, I can honestly say that I am never at a loss for something to write about.

What’s the difference between what I do now and what I did long ago? I believe it is based on the fact that I am now writing on topics I know something about, can choose the time of day I write, and that I continue to repurpose my writing on a regular basis.

You can think about this in a number of ways. If someone asks me to write about something I am not interested in or do not know much about, the writing becomes a chore. I often write articles for my students, and typically I am not very knowledgeable about their topic. For instance, I wrote about making soy candles recently, and this was a tedious task for me to complete. I had to do some research to learn something about this topic, and then I had to write something that would be interesting to the people who would read it. When I write about my interests it goes very quickly and is something I look forward to doing.

I have also discovered that I do much better when I write early in the morning. I write down my ideas the day before, and when I wake up and sit down to write, I can bring those ideas to life. It also makes me feel like I have accomplished something early in the day before I must take care of other areas of my life.

Repurpose everything. This means that nearly everything I write will be used for another purpose. I turn every idea into articles, short reports, blog posts, teleseminars, forum posts, and content for my membership sites. This way you get two or three times as much content from just one piece of writing.

Find out what time of day is best for you to be most productive. Write about the topics you know and are interested in. Repurpose everything you write into at least one other format. This will ensure that you never have to deal with having writer’s block.

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