I personally struggle with writing short stories so often times I find that writing prompts help to get a good story started.  Even if the story ends up changing later, it can still spark the beginning of a great story.  I wanted to begin giving a prompt every month to maybe help anyone else that might struggle with writing short stories as well.

While waiting for your luggage at an airport you notice a young woman at the baggage claim carrousel.  Although it’s daytime, she is wearing a black strapless evening gown, high heeled shoes, and coordinated jewelry.  She collects a small box wrapped in brown paper and no actual luggage.  What do you think could be in the box? Who is she meeting?  Why is she dressed to the nines at the airport?

Write the story… 

Feel free to share in the comments section possible ideas for what could be in the box or what she could be hiding.  Also if you happen to develop a good story behind this prompt you are more than welcome to submit it to the magazine.