February always feels like a month that ignites thoughts of change.  The change that has been made over centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, even days.  The change that each of us has the power to make and that none of us thinks we can.  It’s easy to think that one individual can not incite change within other people and within this world but thinking like that just means not taking a stand and not influencing the world around us.  That means nothing gets changed and things stay the say.

Anytime you think that you can not make a difference because you are only one individual just sit back and think about Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, or even or even Jesus Christ.  They were all just individuals that wanted to make a difference when no one thought they could and look at the significant changes they made in this world’s history.  Don’t think for one second that you can’t make those kinds of dynamic changes, if not, changes that far exceed theirs.  One thing is for sure, nothing gets changed if you continue sitting there thinking it can’t.  You have the Write 2 Be the change this world is waiting for.

Uniquely Yours,

Your Editor

Jimmetta Carpenter