The word ‘endurance’ is often associated with physical activity. It is not uncommon for instance to assert that a long distance runner or a swimmer for instance needs endurance, but writing is a sedentary task, and this is putting it mildly!

However, writers also need to have endurance to be successful. For instance, freelancers and authors may have different work demands. The freelancer might be likened to a sprinter because he has to finish several smaller projects in a given time, while an author may have a lengthier process but he needs to stay on target and keep the finish line in mind.

Both types of writers can benefit from endurance and there are several ways to build endurance levels up to improve writing ability.

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks can break the monotony of a task and rejuvenate the mind. Sometimes all the writer needs is to step away from the desk to unwind for a bit and then it will be possible to come back refreshed and ready to pick up where work was stopped.

Practice the Craft of Writing

Just as a runner or a swimmer does laps every morning and evening to build up resistance and increase speed and skill, a writer can also benefit from practicing the art of writing. Maintaining a blog is a great way for a writer to get the required practice while taking the time to write about what is important on a personal level. Blogging can also drive more business into the hands of the writer so it has benefits all around.

Do Word Exercises

Completing the crossword in the local newspaper or downloading word games on your computer is a great way for a writer to have some fun without feeling entirely guilty.

Get Physical

Sometimes a writer needs to get up and get out. Physical exercise improves blood circulation which means that it has a positive impact on your general health, but it also improves blood flow to the brain, so you can be sure that your clarity and even creativity might improve after some physical exercise. Take your dog for a walk or go for a run in the park to get your body moving and you will also notice an improvement in your work flow.

Endurance is probably not one of the first words to come to mind when considering the skills that writers need to have in order to be successful, but it definitely helps to make the process a lot easier.

Natalia Jones writes on topics of importance and unimportance with equal vigor. Those who know her would tell you that she is always ready to give her opinions, so finding freelance writing as a vocation was probably inevitable.

She is also a steward assigned to both the Home Interiors and Financial Planning Channels. Her love of all things beautiful drove her to take a short course in Interior Design, which she absolutely enjoyed. Her special interest in the Home and Garden Channel though is to stimulate awareness of the impact of our lifestyle choices on the environment.

Spreading the word about the urgency of environmental issues is actually what got her started writing. She writes informative articles for a local non-profit environmental company called the R4 Initiative.

She is also quite knowledgeable on personal finance issues. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (ACCA) and has worked in the financial industry for almost ten years.

When she found Helium she was excited about the range of topics and found herself sharing in a variety of areas.

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