Salman Aziz (born December 19, 1993) is a Bangladeshi independent author and artist. He was born in Pabna, Bangladesh. But he mostly grew up in Dhaka city. He is the youngest of his siblings where he has only one elder sister. From a young age, he was a very talented student. Most of the time, he was honored for his excellent results. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering with remarkable marks.

From his childhood, he was very attached to the arts. He wrote many poems and short stories in local newspapers and magazines. But he had to take intervals because of the pressure of studying. He also learned singing. In 2008, he worked as a model in a well-known fashion house in Dhaka named R.M. fashion.

He published his debut book, 6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story in early 2017. After a few years gap, he came back with his philosophical book, Bold and Bitter Statements: Volume 1. The book contains his analytical verses and related metaphorical pictures. The book has multiple volumes.

Besides writing, he has also made symbolic short films. In 2014 he debuted as a filmmaker. His first short film was Bloody Dark Dream which he released on IMDb.

He majorly got recognition worldwide for his multiple international award-winning short film, Lost in the Black Hole. In 2019, he initially screened his film at the 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe, Asia, and the American continent. He also got officially selected and nominated for Tareq Shahriar Best Independent Shorts Award (most reputed award for Bangladeshi Young & Aspiring Filmmakers). In 2020, he made its alternate version which got officially selected, nominated, awarded, and screened at various international film festivals. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh has appreciated Salman Aziz for creating the first-ever symbolic silent cult film in this country and acting in five metaphorical characters. And the director has officially certified it as intellectual property in Bangladesh.

He mostly gets motivation from Mother Teresa and Bayazid Bastami. His main aim in life is to do something for the people and be in their hearts forever.

1) First, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! When did you know that writing is what you were called to do? What is it about being a writer that you love the most? What about being a writer frustrates you the most?

I am also feeling very blessed and honored to be a part of this interview!

Ah, my writing journey began when I was a child! I didn’t know about this talent until people told me it is God-gifted! When I was in school, I used to write many short stories and rhymes for school magazines and some local newspapers. At that time, mostly my writings were in my native language Bengali. As I grew up, I started to write in English to reach people globally! After a certain period, I realize that writing and creating aesthetic work is an non-detachable part of my soul!

The best thing as an author is when people say my words inspire them to do good things in their life. I am actually known for my reality-based statements all over the world. When I find that people praise my writings and use my words in their articles, my eyes fill with tears of joy for their much love and respect! Their honor for me always motivates me to keep writing.

The frustrating moment comes; when I see that many people do not credit me for my work! Even some of them mistake my name with the king of Saud, Salman bin Abdulaziz. And the most unacceptable thing is when they intentionally or unintentionally put King Saud’s biography instead of mine in some articles. It is very disrespectful and disappointing to me! Before using someone’s work, people should collect accurate information about the creator first. Otherwise, misleading information can create massive confusion among the people. And it may dishearten the author from creating authentic compositions.

2) Can you tell us a little about your book(s) and where our readers can find out more about them and you?

My books! I have written three books so far. My first novelette was 6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story which came out in 2017. The story of the book is written based on real-life events. And my other book, Bold and Bitter Statements, and its volumes are philosophical books.

Now we are living in a digital world, where people can get any information through the internet! All my books are available worldwide on almost every bookseller’s website. Even some library has kept printed copies on their bookshelf. And a few months ago, my previous books were published by two well-known publishing houses in Bangladesh.

3) Where do you draw your inspiration from for the stories that you manage to weave together and the characters that you create?

All my inspirations come from life, nature, human minds, and every single object in this universe. Mostly I write from reality and try to reflect that through my words. And this actuality drives me to write philosophical thoughts. Sometimes I implement nature as a metaphor to express my point of view indirectly and sometimes directly. And while writing fiction, I still take the help of veritable occurrences. Because without any observation of factual instances, I cannot write. But yes, sometimes I change the events and characters for privacy purposes.

4) Do you have a schedule for when you write? Do you outline your novels? How long does it generally take you to finish a novel? What projects are you currently working on?

Honestly, I do not have any specific timetable for writing. Once I begin to write, I forget the rest of the world. Even though I am sleeping, eating, or even having a shower, if I get any thoughts about the context, I take my phone and instantly note those notions. I think most authors also do the same thing, just like me! Because writing is an essential part of the writer! Right?

Certainly yes! Because without planning, none can execute the vision. Before writing, I always keep three important points in my head. Color, visionary images, and allegorical words! When these three things blend all together, the outcome of this is my unique book. And finally, my rational statements, which I collected from different aspects of life. That’s why reality is always bitter in taste!

I exactly cannot tell because it entirely relies on the context. Whatever I do, firstly, I always gather accurate knowledge to narrate my fore-thoughts. Then I begin to write those in words through metaphors and symbolism. In my belief, it makes my intellectual creations unique and prominent. So, weaving all those things as a book takes quite a long time to complete. And redrafting multiple times may be another reason for releasing a book late!

I have lots of projects inside my brain. But right now, I am working on the 3rd volume of Bold and Bitter Statements! I have already completed the writing part. Still, I am working on the metaphoric images. The book is not like an ordinary book because it is a combination of my philosophical way of thinking along with mystical pictures. Except for non-fiction books, I am also preparing poetry books and novels. Those will be in English as well as in Bengali.

And, soon I will work on a short film about depression. It will be like one of my metaphoric films. I want to make this because I want to create social awareness among people. I am also under treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). And I know how evil depression is!

5) What’s the first book you ever read that really moved you emotionally? Who is your favorite author to read? What book are you currently reading?

I want to mention two books that moved my emotion at two different times. The first one was Hajar Bachhor Dhore (English: Symphony of Agony), a novel by Bangladeshi novelist and filmmaker Zahir Raihan. And the second one was The Gift of the Magi, a short story by O. Henry. While reading the books, the characters’ simplicity, love, sacrifice, standing for each other in difficulties, and mostly raising voices against injustice touched my heart. It gave me the feeling that I was a part of the stories. I could see everything happening in front of my eyes. It only occurs when the story connects the reader’s mind very well!

And about my favorite author; actually, I do not have any favorite author to read! Because I love to read every author’s book. I only appraise the quality of the writings; I don’t see who has written or how much a famous author or publisher has done it! But it doesn’t mean that I do not appreciate other writers. I always respect every author all over the world.

A dictionary!

Just kidding! At some point, yes! I love to read the dictionary and encyclopedia! It helps me to learn about new things, especially new words.

Besides this, I have no fixed genre to read. Whenever I get good things to read, I just read! It might be an article, book, magazine, interview, or poetry! But yes, I don’t read erotic writings because it is entirely against my rules.

6) What has been your most significant achievement as a writer thus far? Where do you see yourself within your career in the next five years?

My prime goal is to be memorable forever to people’s hearts. I want to do something for the people, just like Mother Teresa and Bayazid Bastami did. That’s why everyone still loves and respects them for their good deeds. When people appreciate and love me for my work, it feels like I have achieved everything! That’s all I want to get; love, honor, and recognition!

Honestly, I love to express my mystical artistic works through motion and still pictures. Still, I use symbolism and metaphors in my films. I guess; people may get bored hearing these two words continuously in every answer! But this is a noticeable feature that differentiates me from others. For Lost in the Black Hole, I got the title of the maker and artist of the first-ever symbolic cult horror/experimental short film in Bangladesh. I even got certification from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Bangladesh for creating this unique short film. And not only that, it got officially selected, nominated, awarded, and screened at various reputed international film festivals. 

Ah, I have no words for my first film, Bloody Dark Dream. It is also a dark experimental symbolic short film. I was entitled a dark artist at that time! It was a bizarre moment because I was too young to cope with it!

You know, it is hard to tell where I will be in my career in the next five years because the future is entirely unknown and unseen! If my God lets me live healthily, and if the time keeps standing with me, I will try my best to make myself a person with worldwide notability for my good works. And, of course, if I become professionally successful, I always want to help helpless people! Because in my life, I have seen many ups and downs, where I got few people who came forward for me.

7) How have you dealt with rejection within your writing career? What is your advice for other writers to better be able to cope or navigate their way through the publishing process, be it traditional or self-publishing?

Where there is life, there is rejection also. I think, in this world, none can find a person who hasn’t faced any rejection. We all know that rejection causes distress! But it’s hurt more when a person finds out what the person deserves, that has given to another without justifying the ability! I have gone through a lot of rejection in my life. And, I must include that rejection is one of the reasons for my MDD. After getting rejected multiple times in my professional and day-to-day life, I felt I had enough! And at some point, I wanted to free myself from everything. But my doctor always consoled me that I can do anything if I have faith in myself! And, also my mom, my only elder sister, brother-in-law, and son Sahil always encouraged me to continue my artistic works.

If anyone feels down after getting rejected, the person must restart everything and learn lessons from rejections. Who knows what the Almighty has written the best thing in fate!

If a writer publishes a book through a well-known publishing house in the traditional way, the person won’t face any issues. For all that, the person has to count money for the agents or brokers! It will happen for the newcomers or a bit older writer in this literary world! And, if the writer is a celebrity, the person does not pursue any publishing houses. The publishing houses will run after that person to publish the book! Here the publishing agents take all the responsibility to promote the writing and make it hit worldwide.

But it doesn’t mean that the indie authors won’t get success! The path might be rugged but not impossible to reach. To get that victory, they have to work very hard.

In my case, I chose independent publishing because I want to publish my book without any censorship or fears of losing my concept. But I also don’t want to confine myself to independent publishing. If any enthusiastic publisher loves my freethinking and respects it, undoubtedly, I will work with them.

My advice for the writers will be, “When you get any chances, don’t lose it! And, if you get rejected by all, you must work for yourself. In this world without any benefits, people hardly help others. Keep it in mind and try to create something new and different from others and be memorable for the works by all till the world ends.”

8) Do you find it hard to juggle the creative side of being a writer against the business side of being a writer, in terms of marketing and promotion and things of that nature? How hard has it been (or easy) for you to build up your author platform?

It is painful for all artists when people treat their work as a product. Because true artists always see art as their children. People must pay the remuneration with respect to the artists for their hard work, not for the art. Art is more precious than money! And, none has the right to set a price tag on the intellectual work! Even I don’t take this profession as a money-making business.

Saying frankly, building up the author platform as an indie author is very, very hard! Every author wants their books to be read by all. Celebrity authors do not worry about that, but the situation is the opposite for indie authors. Most of the time, they struggle and work hard to build a strong position in the people’s hearts. From marketing and promotion and things of that nature, indie authors do it all alone. Sometimes, they ask others to help. Some of them get it, and some are not!

9) So many writers say that they hate reading their own work. Do you ever enjoy reading your own work back to yourself after it’s out there for the rest of the world?

It may sound weird! But yes, I am also in the same row. When I finish my work after refurnishing multiple times, I read my book as a reader and try to figure out what other people will think, though I exactly won’t be able to understand their perception.

It is comparatively complicated to define their opinions cause human minds are different from one another. All the time, I fear, “What will people think about me and my books?” That’s why I am not happy with my work!

Another thing is the words I wrote a long time ago, if I read in the present time, I feel like those are full of garbage! And sometimes, I laughed a lot at my literary works! “Seriously, I wrote these dumb things!” Then I turn on my laptop and sit down to modify more and more!

10) Do you believe that there is ever a point in life where it’s too late for an aspiring writer to become successful in this industry? Do you feel a late start would hinder their chances?

Yes, I do believe it!

Nowadays, wealth, power, and fame rule everything. If a person has one of those, or maybe all of them, that person can become successful in this industry at any time without difficulties! There are plenty of examples people can see. But right now, I must zip up my mouth!

People only appraise the fame but not the quality! If an aspiring writer wants to succeed on own terms, that person must work so hard alone. Whenever a person gets to know about talents and potentiality, the person must start without any delay. But yes, I would advise all independent aspiring authors to begin their journey to success as soon as possible and continue practicing the literature. Because practice makes a man perfect! And also, I would recommend them to support each other to nurture and spread their talents.

11) I feel like writing is a remarkable tool to help people not only express themselves, but also to cope emotionally and mentally. I know for me I write to be and feel more authentic. What unique quality is there about you, about your art, that you feel represents your authenticity? How does writing help you to be more empowered in your purpose?

I also absolutely agree with you! As I say every time, writing and creating artwork is the expression of my heart. It helps me to empower my intentions. A wise old said, “If you have a strong motive to do something the best, the Almighty paves the way to reach the goal.”

My authenticity in this field is my honesty and dedication to my work. I always keep transparency in my writings so that all can easily read my mind and my exploration. And I think my unique style of writing makes me distinct. That’s all I can say!

Once again, many, many thanks for patiently listening to my voyage to the ocean-like literature and the art world!

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