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It’s a New Year everyone and Write 2 Be Magazine will be back this year with more helpful articles and video tutorials to aide you in the growth of your writing and to help inspire and motivate you to discovering your authentic self and becoming the best creative individual you can be. There will be more interviews this year with writers and artists who are well known to the literary world as well as those who just stepping on the scene. A section for musical inspiration will also be featured weekly as music is something that fuels creative individuals and oftentimes inspires the creative flow. Write 2 Be Magazine is also looking for short stories, art (either photography or drawings), poetry, and any other interesting articles pertaining to writing and motivation towards being our authentic selves. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of creativity in 2016 and I hope you all are as well!


Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter



About jcladyluv

Jimmetta Carpenter was born and raised in the Prince George’s County Maryland and has had a very big imagination since a very early age. She has been writing poetry since she was in elementary school around the age of ten. Her love of words has allowed her to express herself in ways in which verbally she can not. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and the author of a collection of poetry, The Art of Love under the Pseudonym Gemini, and a novel titled The Diary: Succession of Lies under the Pseudonym Jaycee Durant. She is looking forward to producing two new online magazines, Write 2 Be, and Write 2 Be*Kids, in 2013 under Write 2 Be Media Co. She is currently working on her third and fourth novels and is looking forward to having a very long and rewarding career in writing and hopes that through living out her dreams she can inspire someone else out there to realize theirs. Her advice to other up and coming authors is to NEVER stop believing in your dreams and don’t ever be afraid to dream big.

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