The world of children is filled with wonder, but often that world can be hard to understand. With the use of illustration, a childrens book artist can open up a better understanding of a child’s world around them.

Children’s books not only contain text that conveys a story, but the childrens book art attract children with their bright colors and playful renderings of the action going on in the book. The illustrations in a child’s picture book appeals to a child’s sense of adventure, the fascination in which they see the world around them. The illustrations are the visual aspect to the story that children cannot yet read.

Illustrations can stand alone to tell a story. They can also be used to teach the child to read. Or they can complement the written words to provide a better understanding of what the author is trying to convey. The illustration often becomes just as important as the literature itself. The illustrations also complement the text to make the story come alive.

Illustrations and drawings in a child’s book can be simply used to entertain them, but they can also provide a huge learning tool. The illustrations can help teach them to read by showing them a picture of an item (like an apple) and helping them associate the word ‘apple’ with the picture.

Illustrations can also help them understand more complicated stories like ones that depict a historical or geographical event. An illustrated book on volcanoes, for instance, can help a child understand what it is, how it was created and the nature and science involved. An illustrated book on George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware can help the child understand the history of the event. It doesn’t matter if the pictures are carton in nature or totally realistic. The pictures portrayed help to embed the scenes in their mind to aid in the learning process.

A child’s sense of imagination is also enhanced with the childrens book art. They might not know what a dragon looks like, but with a picture of a dragon in front of them they do… and they can transfer that dragon’s picture into their own imaginative scenes. They can see themselves fighting the dragon (or making a friend of it, whichever the case may be) because they have a base on which their imagination can spread out from.

As you can see, the use of illustration in children’s books is very important. A childrens book artist tries to enhance the process of learning and understanding in the children’s book, as well as open up their imaginations. And who knows what that imagination will bring? I mean, was the light bulb visualized by Thomas Edison before he created it?

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