Putting things off is something almost everyone does at times. But procrastination for any writer or individual trying to create an information product can easily spell disaster as one delay leads to another. Eventually, the project gets shelved before it’s ever finished.

Make your writing project a priority. You can beat procrastination every time by sticking to your goal and staying focused. It’s advice that’s as easy to dish out as Halloween candy… although it’s not as easy to follow through on.

While it may not be easy, there are ways around the most common enemy of productivity in society today: procrastination. Writers tend to be thinkers and if your thinking wanders, it’s easy to become unproductive.

Get started immediately. My first recommendation is to get an early start on any writing task. Don’t put it off until later. Once the wheels have been set in motion and you’ve decided to do it, get started immediately and you continue to build momentum. Shelve it for a later day and you’ll need to spend time with a refresher before you begin and you’re that much closer to the due date with nothing to show for the time that has passed.

Leave it for until the last minute and you put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Why do that? It only makes the job more difficult and far more stressful than it need be. The sooner you get going, the sooner you’ll reach the finish line.

Divide your project up. Write down all the steps you need to take. Every writing project consists of various component parts including research, organization and writing. Obviously the writing phase is always going to be there and you’ll need to allow yourself adequate time for composition. If you’re writing about a subject you know inside/out, you can usually forego the research. But if you jump right into the writing without first organizing your ideas, the result will lack a logical flow that is easy to follow.

It’s best to first do an assessment of what the take requires. Compile the information you already have and arrange it in a way that makes sense. Then go ahead and write it, bypassing areas you need to shore up. Once you have completed this phase, then you can go about conducting only the research you need to complete the project. This process alone can save you hours of work.

Plug in the holes and then polish the entire piece up and what you’re left with is a completed piece of writing.

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