The new year is a good time to revisit your goals from the prior year. What did you accomplish from the last year that made a change in your business? Did you even have goals for the current year? Either way, now is the time to regroup and focus on success for 2011.

First, treat your business like a real business. Dedicate at least eight hours a day to working on your business. This does not include reading emails and chatting with others even if it relates to business. If you worked at a corporation, eight hours would be expected from you. Your home based business deserves nothing less.

Next, set real business hours. Let your friends and family know that this year you will be going full force to achieve the income and success that you desire. If you must answer a call, keep it brief and agree to return the call after you complete the task at hand. Outline your goals for the next day before you close out the current day. Set three or four definite tasks that you want to complete. Outline the tasks so that they take 2-3 hours maximum. If the task would take more than that, break it down into smaller parts.

Set your home office up like you would an office at a corporate job. Have what you need close at hand. It helps to have a quiet place in which to work. If you have others at your house while you work, let them know that when your door is shut, not to interrupt you except for an emergency. An emergency is not about where the ketchup is, but define it as a real emergency such as illness or someone is hurt.

Do be certain to reward your family by taking time with them after you complete your work. Take time specifically for them. How about a walk? Play a game or just sit down and listen to how their day has gone. You could even try letting them know what you have been able to achieve with their co-operation so they realize how important your privacy has been.

As you plan for the new year, take paper and pen and actually outline what you want to achieve for the coming year. Outline income goals and set milestones that you need to reach each month. Plan at least three months ahead for projects and ideas that will lead to your success.

If you are working on internet marketing, outline some of the current ideas that are proving to be successful for many of the marketers. How about writing that book, researching a new product and putting it online for sale?

Look at what has worked for you and what is working for others and make specific goals and post them where you can see them daily. Make 2011 the year of getting things done. You can do it – just take one step at a time.

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About Cynthia Charleen

Cynthia Charleen was surprised to discover one day that her children were embarrassed by all the stuff she had accumulated in her home. What she considered treasured memories, they thought of as clutter. She went to work and began to dig her way out of all the stuff that surrounded her. In doing that, she developed a plan and is passionate about helping other people who want to get control of the stuff in their lives. Her clients are always surprised that when their surroundings are organized and clean, even the air in the room seems fresh and clear. Cynthia Charleen writes to both entertain and encourage others to get control of their lives and be over comers.