I think that this blog is greatly beneficial to any writer who is struggling with knowing how to really hit their stride in the business of being a writer. I have been following the work of Christina Katz ever since her blog, Writer’s on the Rise and watching as her passion for writing grew, along with her ability to help others reach their full potential within their writing. There are so many things that can be learned by taking in the information that you get from her blog and I hope that you all will take the opportunity to check out this blog and sign up to receive your own copy of the Prosperous Writer in your email inbox every month.

About The Prosperous Writer Blog

Christina Katz, AKA The Writer Mama and The Prosperous Writer, is the author of three books from Writer’s Digest: The Writer’s Workout, Get Known Before the Book Deal, and Writer Mama. Her writing career tips and parenting advice appear regularly in national, regional, and online publications.

A “gentle taskmaster” over the past decade to over a thousand writers, Christina’s students go from unpublished to published, build professional writing career skills, and increase their creative confidence over time. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in English from Dartmouth College.

Known as a champion of mom writers, Christina is a popular speaker on creative career growth and writer prosperity. She keynotes for writing conferences, literary events, MFA writing programs, and libraries. She lives near Wilsonville, Oregon with her husband, her daughter, and far too many pets. Learn more at ChristinaKatz.com. – See more at: http://christinakatz.com/about/#sthash.pfU5xU7N.dpuf
Through the Prosperous Writer blog, Christina Katz teaches writers to prosper by building solid, saleable, life-long career skills via classes and training groups that work even in a rapidly evolving publishing marketplace.