One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is to learn how to repurpose your content. In addition to getting your money’s worth, it also maximizes your time and effort. Here are six tips and ideas for repurposing your content.

#1 Change your keywords. This works quite well for PLR material along with other print content. For example, if you have an article on “potty training dogs” you can change the keywords to “Housebreaking your dog”. It’s also important, so you don’t get penalized for duplicate content, to change the subheadings, headings and headline so they’re original. Tweak the body content and you have a new article ready to go.

#2 Pull articles and blog posts from ebooks and reports. If you have ebooks and reports in your collection of content, you can create many new articles and blog posts. Pull sections that contain important information from the material, add an introduction and a conclusion and publish. Note: if you’ve sold the ebooks and the reports you may want to tweak it so it’s original and your paying customers don’t feel they’ve been shorted by paying for information you’re now giving away for free.

#3 Create ebooks and reports from articles and/or blog posts. Another fantastic way to get more from your content is to create ebooks and reports from your articles. Gather articles you’ve published or have on hand and organize them by theme or topic.

For example, if you have a dog training website and you have 50 articles on housebreaking, you can compile the articles into a short report to give away or sell.

#4 Transcription. Transcription provides a wealth of content opportunities. Whether you have audio or video material you can have the material transcribed. The transcription alone is valuable content you can publish. However, you can also use the transcription to create reports, workbooks and articles or blog posts. One audio or video file can produce a ton of content.

#5 Change the format. In addition to changing keywords, you can repurpose articles by changing the format. For example, a how to article can be modified and made into a tips article simply by reworking the layout and some of the wording. Again, take care to avoid duplicate content issues by changing the content enough so that it is original in the eyes of the search engines.

#6 Articles into autoresponders. Any content you publish online including reports and ebooks can also be repurposed to create short autoresponder messages. The primary difference between most articles and autoresponders is the call to action. Hone in on the primary nugget of information your article offers, transform it into a powerful autoresponder message and then include a call to action.

There are a number of ways to make your content go far. With each piece of content, before you publish it, also create a repurposing strategy. Maximize your time, money and energy and give your website visitors all the content they could ever dream of.

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