Reading is a habit that comes naturally to some of us. For some, picking a book and actually read it is a huge task. Such people can cultivate the habit of reading through practice. Try the following to fall in love with books.

Carry a mag or a book: No matter where you go, always carry a book or a magazine in your handbag or suitcase. You’ll never know when you’ll get the inspiration to read a book. The last thing you want is to read and not find anything around.

Have reader friends: If you have people around you who are interested in reading, they would know what’s best to read. Get their recommendation if you’re not sure about what topic to choose.

Subscribe the newspaper: You can’t escape from this. Newspapers can help you in a large way given the fact that they comes with small and large bits of facts and information. You can actually choose to ignore and read some of it unlike books where you have to read the whole thing.

Make use of spare time: Read when you’re stuck waiting for your spouse, read when you’re stuck in the traffic, read a few minutes before sleep. Read in all the spare time that you get. Each minute is precious and can be made to use wisely through reading.

Have patience: People who do not have a passion for reading should be patient to allow reading become a habit. It cannot be achieved overnight. Instead, one should give it more time and wait until it becomes a habit and this takes time.

Get into group reading: Try to read in groups with one or more friends who like to read. You can discuss and keep a track of the books that you read.

Download e-books: Though I am no fan of e-books because the pleasure to feel and read a book is always different, times have changed to the needs of man. There are plenty of sites that offer to download e-books and read them right when you work. You can also upload books to your kindle or phone and carry them wherever needed.

Don’t make the “no time” excuse: If you really want to do something, then give your best. Most people complain that they just have no time for reading which is because reading isn’t important to them. There is always time for everything. You just have to figure it out.

Happy reading!

Chital is an Indian novelist, blogger and an ardent reader. She has authored fiction novels. Visit: You can reach her here: