B. Love is an award-winning, bestselling author of over 110 titles in the African American romance, urban romance, and nonfiction genres. In just five years, Love has accomplished more than anyone her age, which led to her being aptly called the Prolific Pen Pusher.

Love is a self-love and womanhood maven. Since age 12, she has been spreading life-changing content that helps cultivate growth, self-awareness, compassion, and gratitude. Love has readers from all over the world, all of which she has challenged to explore the many facets of love, passion, and life through her riveting books.

Every captivating word and plot in Love’s portfolio is geared towards empowering, enlightening, and entertaining whoever chances upon her writing. Because of this burning desire to catalyze others’ growth through continuous learning and self-reflection, Love founded her publishing company, earning the title of Ambassador of Black Love stories, where she helped publish over 300 enthralling books for over 50 talented authors.

When she’s not writing, Love utilizes her company as a platform that provides expert services and resources for both self-published and traditional authors, helping them to hone their craft and carve their path in the industry.

To learn more about B. Love and her books, visit www.authorblove.net or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using her official handle @authorblove.

1) First, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me!  When did you know that writing is what you were called to do? What is it about being a writer that you love the most? What about being a writer frustrates you the most?

Thank you for extending the invitation! I’ve been writing music, poetry, and books since I was twelve. I’ve always been a lover of romance and urban literature, but I didn’t think it was something I could really share with the world until after a really bad breakup in 2010. Writing has always been a way of self-ministry for me, and I eventually felt led to share that ministry and healing with other women. The part of being a writer that I love most is being able to create a new world with each project and living there through my characters. I think the most frustrating part of being a writer is having the courage to share my creations with the world. 

2) Can you tell us a little about your book(s) and where our readers can find out more about them and you? 

My books range from contemporary romance to urban romance and street lit. Every once in a while I’ll throw in drama or women’s fiction. I have over 120+ titles, and no matter the genre, they all empower, entertain, and enlighten. The lengths will vary, but my sweet spot is full length novels between 40-60,000 words. Urban titles, however, are usually longer. My eBooks are all available on Amazon and can be found by searching for B. Love. My paperbacks are exclusively sold every other month on my website www.authorblove.net

3) Where do you draw your inspiration from for the stories that you manage to weave together and the characters that you create?

Inspiration can be found all over! Through conversation, songs, a simple word or gesture from someone I know or a stranger. When you do this for a living, you learn to find inspiration in everything, lol. 

4) Do you have a schedule for when you write?  Do you outline your novels?  How long does it generally take you to finish a novel?  What projects are you currently working on?

Typically, I try to write first thing in the morning, Monday-Friday, but that’s not always the case. I am a heavy outliner and character developer. That’s one of my favorite parts of the creative process. For a standard 40-50,000 word novel, I can have it done in seven to ten days. Currently, I’m working on an urban crime family saga that will release monthly for the rest of the year. I will be dropping contemporary novellas in between, though. 

5) What’s the first book you ever read that really moved you emotionally?  Who is your favorite author to read?  What book are you currently reading?

Redemption Song by Dr. Bertice Berry is the one that I remember most fondly. I read a lot of romance and urban in high school though, so I’m sure it’s not the first. It is, however, the first I remember from my adult life. Hmm I can’t say that I have a favorite author, but my favorite genre is contemporary romance for sure. Jactina Howard and Danielle Allen are pretty high up my list. Currently, I’m reading The Illest Taboo by K.L. Hall. 

6) What has been your most significant achievement as a writer thus far? Where do you see yourself within your career in the next five years?

My most significant achievement so far has been winning romance author of the year twice from different organizations. In the next five years, I see myself still writing but not as consistently, and hopefully, exclusively for my site.  

7) How have you dealt with rejection within your writing career? What is your advice for other writers to better be able to cope or navigate their way through the publishing process, be it traditional or self-publishing?

The best way to handle rejection for me has been to 1. Remember that I and my writing are not for everyone and 2. Remember that there is an anointing within my writing for MY audience, so those that I am meant for will accept me and 3. To write with all of my heart and emotion, but handle promotion and the business/technical side with logic and detachment. 

8) Do you find it hard to juggle the creative side of being a writer against the business side of being a writer, in terms of marketing and promotion and things of that nature? How hard has it been (or easy) for you to build up your author platform?

I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s not hard, but I did struggle in the past. It’s really just about balance. Once I had a schedule down where I was able to create then handle business, and focus on my personal life, things began to flow smoothly. 

9) So many writers say that they hate reading their own work. Do you ever enjoy reading your own work back to yourself after it’s out there for the rest of the world?

I love reading my own work! It’s one of my favorite ways to recharge. Editing my own work is a different story, though, lol. 

10) Do you believe that there is ever a point in life where it’s too late for an aspiring writer to become successful in this industry?  Do you feel a late start would hinder their chances?

It is never too late to become successful in this industry. There is a time and season for everything. As long as you are dedicated, consistent, and true to your voice, you can see success no matter how late you start. 

11) I feel like writing is a remarkable tool to help people not only express themselves, but also to cope emotionally and mentally.  I know for me I write to be and feel more authentic. What unique quality is there about you, about your art, that you feel represents your authenticity?  How does writing help you to be more empowered in your purpose?

The unique quality about me expressed through my art is my ability to help women love and care for themselves more and heal their broken hearts for new love. Writing helps me become more empowered within my purpose because it gives me a platform of women to reach and share not just the love between a man and woman but the love of self and God as well in an entertaining and subtle way that can be life changing if applied. 

website – www.authorblove.net

social media – @authorblove