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Social Media Marketing – Insider Social Media Optimisation Tips From An SEO Writer by Deepanjolie Figg

Whatever your answer, you can be sure that as a small business owner looking for ways to supercharge your Internet marketing efforts, you have arrived at the right place!

In this article, you will find cost-effective social media marketing tips used by a SEO London firm specializing in developing custom SMO (social media optimisation) campaigns for clients ranging from SME to blue-chip companies, besides other useful SMO techniques that I’ve picked up in the course of my SEO content writing career spanning 10 years.

However, in order to harness the power of popular social media tools, it is important to first understand the nature and scope of Social Media Marketing, since this will help you identify the social networking platforms that are most relevant to your business.

Simply put, social media marketing involves using popular networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, LinkedIn etc. for increasing a website’s appeal for prospects and extending its reach to a wider target audience. However, what many SMO companies don’t tell clients is the fact that social media benefits some business models more than others. This is why it is important to first establish which social media marketing method best suits your business.

Therefore, in order to leverage effective SMO strategies for your web business, online business owners are advised to clearly outline SMO goals and learn about free and paid tools for determining website popularity metrics, since these vital statistics enable you to measure your web business success in real-time.

Social Media Marketing Tips – 3 easy and cost-effective SMO tips to benefit any web business

  1. Facebook Advertising – This is the most cost-effective social-media marketing tool available to web business owners. With its outreach of 300 million users, FB enables small businesses to build a friendly presence for themselves on a powerful platform that connects them to a huge potential customer base worldwide. Sign up for a Business Fan Page account with FB using your company’s username to register your company. Read all the special rules for Fan Pages, research your competition and assess the Facebook presence of your closest rivals (type of pages, number of fans, how many ‘likes’ and graphics have been used to build their popularity etc.). Then simply copy their strategy for success by customizing it for your target customers!
  2. Grow Twitter Followers – This great marketing platform has grown in the past one year to surpass the popularity of Orkut and Flicker, two social media sites that enjoyed immense popularity till the cute, snappy and short message update system overtook their member base. Signing up with Twitter is free. So reserve a business account and secure your company’s name. Conduct a basic search for familiarizing yourself with hot keywords and phrases used by your top competitors to get more followers on Twitter and use these to develop a custom SMO strategy for your business!
  3. Visit Other Blogs – Many website owners religiously update their company blog with keyword rich content, maintain that crucial reader connect by responding to blog comments, inquiries and suggestions without fail and even measure blog metrics regularly in order to track their high rank on the major search engines. However, many don’t utilise the full scope of ‘blogosphere’ open to them via participating in discussion on blogs belonging to other people. Visiting other blogs and commenting, praising, sharing industry inputs or your personal experience that may add value to the post is a no-cost, effective and quick way to build the credibility of your business without having to invest full-time in writing, posting and responding to new blog content. So, make it a part of your SMO campaign and improve your site’s rankings, starting today!

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