Too much thinking isn’t a good thing!

When it comes to writing poetry I have met plenty of people who spend it thinking and not writing, or writing and not wanting to tell anybody about it for fear of people laughing at them.

Get over it.

Here are 10 simple tips to help get you writing:

  1. Vomit Copy Very few people will write a master piece at the first time of asking. You have to write rubbish first. What I do with all things I write is except that the first few attempts will be my ‘vomit copy’. It’s a little like being sick and picking the best parts out. Childish I know, but it works for me.
  2. What you create will not be liked by everyone We all have egos, some are bigger than others. We need to remember that no matter how good we thing our work is, someone else may want to laugh in your face at your work. It’s ok, smile and move on.
  3. Practice, practice, practice This one is quite obvious, if it doesn’t make sense to you then maybe you shouldn’t be writing.
  4. Read poetry! So many of us try to write in a genre without having a clue about the genre. Please don’t.
  5. Always, ALWAYS have a note pad and obviously, something to write with No matter how good your memory is, if you’re hit with a great idea for a poem, don’t test your memory as you may well forget the inspiration and a good poem will be lost to the world forever.
  6. Drafts are key Always look at what you’ve created and challenge yourself to make it better.
  7. Write from your emotions I find it easier to write what I’m feeling. On rare occasions I can tap into another persons emotion, but that is rare. When you’re starting, write what you feel and if you’re not feeling anything, find something to get emotive about and write about that.
  8. Don’t throw anything away I have plenty of notebooks filled with ideas, one liners, thoughts, etc. Sometimes I go back to these books and something may make sense and guess what; I write about it. If I didn’t have these books filled with notes, a lot of what I have written wouldn’t have been created. (Some say that’s a good thing)
  9. Ask advice from people who know Ask people who know what they’re talking about, those who can offer something that will move you forward. You wouldn’t ask a chef on how to build a wall. (Maybe you would…)
  10. Don’t take yourself too seriously Please don’t; the world is filled with sooo many serious people already.

Steve Rock