This month I wanted to focus on the importance of learning and exploring different genres in writing. It is very easy to find a niche in your writing career and want to stay there, right in that box that seems to be working for you. When you find satisfaction you like to be content in being satisfied but that could end up getting you in a rut. It’s good for a writer who wants a long lasting career to not only read in different genres but to also explore writing in different genres. Now you may not end up predominately publishing in the different genres but it’s always good to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie as a writer. You won’t know if you could be a good mystery or science fiction writer if you never attempt to write in those genres. So this month I have a selection of articles that discuss the various different genres you have at your disposal to write in. There is a great benefit in broadening your scope.


Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter