I have been following this blog for several months now and I have been thoroughly entertained every time that I read a post from its wonderful writer Jocelyn Drawhorn. Her unique style of writing makes her blog very eclectic in that it doesn’t just hone in on one subject or another. She describes the blog as an online version of what goes on in her head and it is most certainly informative in what it gives to its readers. From spoken word clips, to music montages and reviews, to business and networking tips, relationship advice, and views on religion and spirituality, it provides all types of readers with something to take away from it. Not to mention the amazing photography of her own that you may find dispersed throughout the site as well. She is an office maven by day, a photographer by love, and a writer by skill. I have enjoyed getting to know what goes on in the mind of Jocelyn Drawhorn and hopefully you will too.


Jocelyn Drawhorn inside postAbout Jocelyn Drawhorn

Having launched a freelance photography business at the age of 19, Jocelyn knows what it’s like to be an “up and comer” with big dreams. That’s why over the past seven years, she’s worked hard to hone her creative writing and design skills so she can help brands like yours reach their highest potential. Her creative talents have most recently been highlighted by WEEN (the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network); where she has served as the Social Media Coordinator and Web Content Manager since January 2013. During her years working as a creative professional, Jocelyn has been able to network and assemble a team of the industry’s most talented writers, graphic designers, and photographers who are ready to help position you to be “next up” for success!


Please check out her blog @ http://jocsnotebook.wordpress.com/

Also her photography website where you can inquire about her photography services @ http://www.jocsphotography.com/#!

As well as her Media Consulting company @ http://www.nextupmediaconsulting.com/