If you’re a freelance writer and you weren’t even aware that there was a truly profitable aspect of the business, maybe you just haven’t found your niche. Depending on who you talk to, you could be introduced to anywhere from 5 to over 160 writing niches.

Writing for an editor or some other all-inclusive service can be frustrating for the writer, no matter how much valuable experience they get from it. Sure, they develop a definite style, and maybe even come to realize just what niche may suit them best. But as long as they are writing for someone that sells their clients a wide range of articles, blogs and more, they will continue to write about things that are far less than a passion in their eyes. Limit what your editor sends you and you severely limit your income as well. And maybe even the jobs your editor is willing to give you anymore!

So how does one find their profitable niche?

You want to enjoy writing… that’s why you became a writer. That and you are apparently good at it. You are good at it, aren’t you? How do you end up being productive while having an enjoyable and profitable writing career? Read on!

Be sure not to bite off more than you can chew.

Let’s say you consider yourself knowledgeable in the world of medicine. That’s a great choice for a profitable writing niche. But rather than focus on something as vague as the health care industry, since there are thousands upon thousands of services and products relating to health care, try fine tuning your focus. An example of this would be a specific type of equipment made by companies and then sold to big hospitals.

You can’t get blood from a rock

Or lots of money writing for a company that doesn’t have money to spend! Check their cash flow availability and make sure that your writing work will be paid. However, be reasonable when you deal with this because it isn’t right to demand for remuneration as your top priority. Always make sure that your clients are happy with your writing as the first priority on your list.

Remember that you’re supposed to enjoy your chosen niche

Assuming that you chose your decided upon niche for a reason, be sure that you are going to enjoy writing about it… and writing about it… and writing about it… and, you get the picture.

And while we’re on the subject of choosing your niche…

… why on earth would you choose something that you’re not knowledgeable in? You certainly shouldn’t. Having at the very least a base knowledge in and of your chosen niche is essential.

Finally, try to be unique

Separate yourself from the crowd by trying to find a niche that has a high demand but not so much of a supply of good, qualified writers. Make sure that you have an edge over others by doing extensive research on that topic before you declare yourself proficient in it.

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