May is of course the month that we celebrate mothers and the specialness that comes with being a mother.  Mother’s wear many hats when it comes to taking care of our households but then when you add in trying to have your own careers, the hats continually multiply.  It is a special thing to have a mother who can not only make time for you, but who shows you their love and their support every day.  It is also a special thing to have a mother who shows you that she can give you all of that love and support while showing you how to be independent and forge your own way in this world.  Being a mom and a business woman is hard, particularly in a career like writing.  In this issue I wanted to give you articles that made being a working mom the focal point.  Articles about networking in business, about managing your time effectively, about not letting other people become time wasters for you, even about how to incite a little business ingenuity into our children while they are young.  I hope that you enjoy and that all of you mother’s out there are finding your balance!

Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter