I want to say first of all, how much of an honor it is to be able to continue to interview and shine a spotlight on so many wonderful new and upcoming, as well as established authors. I love being able to promote you all and the wonderful work that you do.

I am looking to do so much more with Write 2 Be Magazine in 2022, one of the things being to put together a quarterly print issue. I actually would like to put together an end of year celebratory issue with all of the authors from this year in one print issue. I also am looking to create a separate YouTube channel for the magazine to begin doing on camera (virtual) interviews. These things will take time of course as well as me putting together the financial component to make them happen so I will let you know solid dates when I know them.

With that said I also want to share that I recently re-published my first novel, The Diary: Succession of Lies, on August 13th and I will share that information below along with the link to go purchase yourself a copy. I will be releasing the first of two poetry books this year, The Art of Love, soon (date TBA) and will share that here with you guys as well once the release date is set. I also have a YouTube channel in which I take my audience along with me on my journey as a writer and freelancer and that will also be linked below. There will also be a link to join my author newsletter if you would like to get more personalized updates about my author career.

Lastly, I also have a Ko-Fi page where I am taking donations to further assist in all of my creative efforts, some of them being making this magazine even more of a success and presence in the literary world, so if you would like to donate and contribute to the efforts that go into my creative efforts, one being this Magazine, the link for that can be found below as well.

Thank you for letting me borrow a little of your time and sharing with you some writerly things about myself as well as a few of the plans that I have to take this magazine to a new level next year. As always if you know any author who would like to be interviewed by the magazine please have them email the Magazine at Write2BeMagazine@gmail.com so we can get the process started.

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As always, #BeProductive #BeCreative #BeInspired 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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