If you’re reading this it’s because you want to write more. Chances are that you’re in one of two positions: You want to write every day but aren’t doing it, or you are writing but not nearly as much or as often as you want to.

So what’s stopping you?

If you are in either of these positions, you’re not alone. Even some of the most successful writers in the world began with the same problem.

There are two things that are usually given as the reason for this. Writer’s block and/or procrastination.

But when you consider these two culprits, it soon becomes obvious that they are not the reasons at all.

They’re just excuses.

Writer’s block and procrastination both come from fear and laziness. Fear of the blank page and/or not know how or where to start writing something. Or simply being too lazy to sit down and write.

And using these two excuses isn’t useful at all because they won’t solve your problem.

So if you want to turn things around and become a prolific writer, first you need to know exactly what your problem is.

What is it that is stopping you from writing every day?

Do the following three steps to get you back to writing daily.

  1. Get out a pad and pen and write down your writing goals. You can be as descriptive as you want. Say what it is that you want to do.
  • Do you want to do blogging, eBook writing, novel writing?
  • Where do you want to write?
  • How often?
  • Handwrite first or work straight to keyboard?
  • How much do you want to earn?
  • How many books do you want to write every year?

Make sure you write down everything that you want to achieve. Have a clear vision of yourself as a successful writer. Include a timeline of when you want to achieve it all.

  1. Now write down what you are currently doing instead of writing. Don’t leave anything out. Include what you do every morning, afternoon and evening as well as travel time and lunch breaks and weekends.

Then look at your list and see how much time you’re spending doing non-essential things instead of your writing.

Then ask why? Why are these other things so important? Be honest. Why are you putting all these things ahead of your writing?

  1. Ask yourself what can you do to fit writing into every day? We all have time to write, even if we tell ourselves we don’t. It’s just a matter of making writing your priority instead of a part-time hobby.

What non-essential things can you delete from your daily life?

Also look at other things you can do to help you start writing:

  • Do a writing course
  • Change your diet (helps creativity and motivation)
  • Get more exercise
  • Meditate

Things you can do to help you write more may not be writing related. You need to feel great to do great things and be at your best (healthy diet and exercise). You also need downtime for thinking.

So try it now.

Sit down with paper and pen and interrogate yourself. If you’re completely honest, the answer will be extremely revealing. You’ll probably uncover things about the way you think that you’ve never noticed before.

Having to write things out and explain it all forces you to think more logically and honestly which can uncover truths about yourself that you never knew before.

Just remember that anything in life can be overcome.

You just need a plan.

And then you need to take action and work your plan.

Start with number 1 above and work your way through the 3 step process to writing every day.

Ruth Barringham is an author and writer and for years struggled with getting her writing done every day despite the fact that she works as a full-time writer. Read how she changed her daily habits so that she could write more at http://ruthiswriting.com/reviews/miracle-morning.html.