Have you wondered why you think about those great stories or fiction books long after you have put them down? You know, the book that gets you reading perhaps into the small hours of the morning. Those real page turners.

Apart from the engaging plot, or interesting setting, there is one other major vital element to fiction writing and that is character. Without character there can be no real story. You think of any bestseller despite the genre, the main thing you will remember sometimes years later is the main character.

Therefore coming up with great fictional characters is important to any writer. It is worthwhile spending a great deal of time planning and developing characters before you start your creative writing project.

It helps if you think about some of the people you know, or have read about. Think about what makes them stand out as people, is it their outstanding personality? Or perhaps physical traits for example they might have striking red hair or startling green eyes. They may even have a distinctive way of talking or an extra load laugh. These unusual traits tend to make for memorable characters whether they be major or minor.

The thing to remember when creating characters is to make them rounded and believable, almost real. This means not only paying attention to how they look, walk or talk but also their personality traits.

Personality is therefore an integral aspect of creating fictional characters. No two people are the same even if they look similar they are bound to have different personalities. Therefore, when you are creating great fictional characters your major characters will need to be identifiable by their temperament. This will also tell the reader how they are likely to behave in any given situation, and even help with the plot of your story.

This could mean they may be devious, jealous, cunning, calculating, generous, mysterious, funny or a whole host of traits. Bear mind just like real people they can be a combination of factors and complexities, with which you want to hook your reader.

This is only part of the process of writing great fictional characters. The other aspect is that you want your readers to sympathise and care about your characters; therefore they must be likeable. No one is going to finish reading a book or story if they have no interest in the protagonist or what happens to them.

Sharon Wilson has been studying and researching the art of creative writing for many years. She has a particular interest in novel and short story writing. Sharon is keen to help budding writers like herself develop their art and achieve their goals. For more information visit https://sharonswriterstidbits.wordpress.com/