Before I Go To Sleep is SJ Watson’s debut novel…..well I cannot wait to see what comes next!

I must say this is a truly stunning debut, a novel that really keeps you guessing and surprises you again and again. As for all the media hype, it is truly, truly deserved. SJ Watson is an absolute genius and has managed to create pure gold, a marvelous debut full of twists, turns and surprises that you would not expect, exactly what I would expect from a novel like this!

When Christine wakes up, she has no idea what world awaits her, as far as she knows she is still young, free and single although is extremely worried to wake up in bed with a man she does not know and thinks there could be a possibility of an angry wife coming home. As Christine soon discovers things are not what they seem, the man in bed is her husband and the older woman in the mirror is her. As the day progresses Christine needs to be taught the basics of her own life, including the fact that every time she goes to sleep her memory is wiped and she has to face the harsh reality of this every single day after a terrible accident many years before.

While getting used to things again, Christine gets a call on her mobile (while wondering how on earth to use it) from a Doctor who seems to know everything about her, but warns her not to tell her husband about the call. Slightly confused she agrees to meet him and begins to learn this early on that her husband has not been entirely truthful.

Christine begins keeping a diary, which she will reread each morning recalling things she has learnt beforehand and being able to finally not rely so heavily on the one person around her, her husband although with this newfound blessing there is also a curse things are not quite adding up. As memories begin to come back in shards, Christine understand that there are vital people missing in her life and things she has not been told, where is the best friend she had years ago who she knows would’ve never left her, what did she used to do? how did she really come to be like this? Only one person knows the answers to this question but Christine has worked out that for some reason she is being lied too….

I’m afraid that’s as far as I can go without telling you the surprises that occur!! Super exciting stuff, I loved reading this book and I could give it 1000 stars and I don’t think it would be enough! I’m a tiny bit disappointed with the ending but the plot line was so good I can let it slip!

***** 5 stars! Go and buy your copy now!!!

and to think I only picked this up out of interest!

Before I go to sleep by S J Watson

Review by Chloe Metzger