Do you actually look forward to writing, or do you just drag yourself around trying to get things done but you don’t get a lot done during your allotted writing time? In other words, do you feel super-productive when you sit down to write?

Mature writers enjoy their writing time. They look forward to it! They can’t wait to start their writing session, and once it ends they are able to take stock and know without a doubt that they did everything that they had to do to do all they could for this particular writing session to be the most successful for them.

Productive writers feel fulfilled. An important part of being a fulfilled writer is actually feeling comfortable as you write. This isn’t always easy to do. We all need to develop our skills in order to get to that stage. But when we do, we could really see first-hand how enjoyable writing can be for us.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your writing:

  1. Write what you enjoy

Writers should take the time to discover what type of writing that most enjoy. Then they should write in those area(s) and genres. When you choose the kind of writing that you truly enjoy to do, make sure that you choose something that you truly enjoy and not a kind of writing that your friend or critique partner enjoys.

If you don’t know that type or genre of writing that you truly enjoy, you should do many different types of writing until you find one type that puts a smile on your face as soon as you sit down to write.

  1. Don’t worry about anything else while writing

When you sit down to write, it is important that you clear your mind. You can do this by meditating for a few minutes or just by centering and focusing on your breath for a few seconds. Whatever you do, just do something to make sure that you are not ruminating during your writing session about things that are not related to your writing.

  1. Have a reward system in place when you complete your goals

It is important for writers to have a reward of some kind if they finish their word count for the day. It doesn’t have to be a BIG reward, but it could be something such as taking yourself for a walk in your favourite spot, or just lay low, or take a few minutes to sit on the swing on the veranda if you have one. Plan to do something that you truly enjoy so that it could be something that you look forward to.

  1. Put on some soft music of your choice

If you are a writer who enjoys a bit of music in the background, then by all means put it on. Sometimes music can put into the right frame of mind to write. It can also give you clarity of thought. However, just make sure that the music is not intrusive and something that you have to get up and dance to or sing to. This kind of music will probably interfere with your writing.

  1. Take a few minutes to enter a reflective mindset

Before you start to write, take a few minutes to turn inward. You may want to take a few deep breaths or just close your eyes and focus on your breath. Do whatever works. If you don’t know what works, just experiment at first. The purpose of centering is to ensure that you leave all of your worries behind and that you focus on your writing, and hopefully at some point during your writing time, enter the zone. This is when writing becomes very rewarding.

By trying some of the above tips, you will be taking steps to enjoy your writing. And that is the first step to be a peaceful and happy writer, one who is productive and enjoys what she does.

Writing is a great career. But writing can become drudgery too. By developing the right mindsets, we can overcome some of the negative things that could occur to writers, and focus on the positive things.

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