If we are to do our best writing, it should be in a comfortable workspace that nurtures our creativity. Here are 5 ways to create a motivational writing space.

  1. Keep it clean.

Your writing space is your sanctuary. Dust. Vacuum. Pledge. Rid of anything that doesn’t belong or is taking up room. We’re writers, and hey, we’re messy when we get creative. We have books, papers, and chicken-scratched Post-It Notes scattered everywhere. Put those things in a neat pile. They’ll still be there when you search for them later. Focus on getting the simple things tidied up and organized. A messy workspace can create chaos in your mind and drain your creativity. Cleanliness and organization will bring some peace to your space, and to your mind.

  1. Find a quote.

Spend a few minutes on Google and search for motivational quotes. You know, something like “Motivational Quotes” might work. Find one that makes you want to do better every day, something that’ll make you want to kick your own butt each time you read it. Print it out and stick it on the wall where you’ll see it every time you begin writing. Read it before you do anything else. Get that message inside of you.

  1. Writing a novel? Turn your space into your project.

Get a corkboard and pin pictures that motivate you and encourage the mood of your story. Are your characters having a romance in the 1800s centered around an old, dilapidated cabin? Find pictures of a cabin and wheat fields, or stills from old romance movies. Let Gone with the Wind cover your walls.

Search online or in old magazines for pictures of what you imagine each character to look like. Pin them to your corkboard. When you get stuck, take a look at the character and ask them questions. What would they say, or how would they react to the situation you’ve put them in? Surround yourself with your story’s world, and you’ll find it easier to jump into the personality of each character.

  1. Always have a snack available.

You know how you get when you’re hungry, and motivated doesn’t describe it.

  1. Have a hobby nearby.

We all have moments when we’re writing and it feels like our brain hit a Do Not Enter sign. Trying to push through those seemingly indestructible barriers can be frustrating. Take a fifteen minute break and work on another hobby. Love playing the guitar? Keep it next to you for an emergency finger pickin’ break. Love to draw? Keep your drawing pad and pencils close by. Crossword puzzles? Keep Sunday’s puzzle ready (although Monday’s are much easier). Spending a few minutes on another hobby will allow your mind to shift its focus so you’re motivated to ease back into your writing with a refreshed mind. Plus, you’re squeezing in time for something else you enjoy. Bonus!

Just as a chef wouldn’t cook his best meal in a dirty kitchen, we won’t be motivated to do our best writing in an unappealing space. Clean up your area, adorn your walls with inspirational pictures and quotes, give your attention the occasional break, and write with a vibrant and focused mind.

For more tips and how-to articles on writing and other random topics, visit https://sarahfloresblog.wordpress.com/ Sarah Flores is a freelance writer and editor, and a relationship advice columnist at http://www.SarahSideways.com. She writes articles for a number of online and print publications, and is currently writing her first young adult novel.