I have been writing articles on self publishing because I truly believe that this is the way to go. This is a perfect time in our lives where we can do almost anything we want. What I mean, it is a lot easier because of the internet. It seems as if it was yesterday when the internet became popular. It has turned out to be the most important discovery in our generation.

Where we thought it to be the most complicated thing we ever came in contact with to the easiest. We can talk to anyone in the world and not pay anything, and now we can sit down and write novels without going to a publisher.

There is a suggestion that I have found to be very helpful. That is doing research on your subject. The more interest in a subject the better the book will sell. Check Google, check the New York Times Bestseller List. These are all indications of what is of interest at the time of writing the book.

Now, everybody has at one time of their life wanted to sit down and write a novel. It could be a romantic novel, scientific novel, anything. It’s all right at your findgertips. Sit down and write

There is a group of individuals that I want to talk to: That is the senior citizens of our country or any country for that matter. They have lived through 3 wars, changing from the industrial revolution to the cyber revolution. Their experience is invaluable to all of us. I’m sure they have the time to sit down and write because most of them are retired and want to do something. My advice to you is sit down and write about an incident in your life that you want all of us to know about. You really do not know if you don’t do it.

It isn’t hard. Just write an outline of your novel. Make it in chapters starting from the beginning and then advancing to the middle and then to the end. Then begin to write.

After writing, go back and check your spelling, your format which is not hard at all, and then put it up for self publish. That’s it.

It sounds like it is too easy. But remember, you have help in all of this and it is not hard at all. Just make it exciting if it is a thriller, romantic if it is a romance novel, and so on. So,my friends, good luck and start now.