Writing a screenplay is very rewarding. Even if nothing comes about from it you should still be proud of yourself. Getting one of your scripts made into a film can be one of the greatest feelings any writer can have. Most writers that are writing for film and television have a screenwriting agent. Without one things can still happen, but you would need to have the right connections yourself and a lot of luck. Getting a screenwriting agent is easier than you think, you just need to learn how to present yourself and your script the right way.

  1. Sending A Script To An Agent

A lot of agents will accept work in the post. Before you send out any script it is a very good idea to get it proof read by a professional. A professional script doctor will tell you if there is anything wrong with the format, spellings and structure. Assuming you have already done that and have sent off the script then start working on something else. If you get a call back an agent will almost always request to see another script or treatment. Always make sure you have the right contact details with your script (you will be surprised how many people forget this) and enclose an SAE so the script can be sent back, sometimes if you are lucky you will get some feedback.

  1. Networking With Other Screenwriters

Another way to get your script to an agent is to network with fellow screenwriters. You will be able to meet other writers at writing classes, online forums and at film festivals. It’s always good to make as many friends as possible in the industry so they can recommend you to their agents.

  1. Contacting Producers Directly

Producers are people that look for films and negotiate funding. Usually they will go straight to an agent but there is no harm in sending off a script directly to them. If they like it then word will get around and agents will start coming to you. Building your reputation is very important in the film and television business and a producers word is very strong. You will be able to find address’s of film production companies online or in magazines.

To really succeed and make a lot of money as a screenwriter then I would say you will almost certainly need a screenwriting agent. Once you have an agent and have built up your portfolio then work will come to you and you will be able to spend more time thinking about writing your next script than getting noticed. Joining a screenwriting website could help you drastically build up contacts, especially if you have completed course s from respected screenwriters. Sometimes screenwriting agents even sign up to these websites to scope out the next big talent.

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