Writing poetry is very challenging as it requires a wide imagination and great focus on the things we have framed inside our minds before painting the picture with our words. Some says that it is easy to craft a poem while others utter that it is really hard to build verses to make it sound more poetic. Whether it is tough or trouble-free to create a single piece of poetry, the responsibility of completing a sole stuff depends on the individual enthusiasm and creativity.

On numerous instances, while surfing the internet world for poetry and reading some books that caters the same subject it comes to mind that many published and unpublished poets or persons just beginning to hone their poetry skills love to write the following forms.

Free verse – this form of poetry have been very popular because of its flexibility and whatever thoughts we have in mind can be written with continuity. Many poets prefer this kind of style due to the fact that it has no fixed metrical pattern. We can make the lines either short or long, we can also compose it with rhymes or not. The whole control is within the poet itself.

Acrostic – this is a challenging and interesting style of poetry wherein we write a poem in which the first letter of each lines spell a word. In here, our creativity and ingenuity with words is vastly tested. A lot of poetic people uses this form because of its uniqueness and it necessitate deep thinking in order that we can give a full meaning to the word or words we want readers to read and understand.

Tanka – this is a five-line verse with 5-7-5-7-7 counts of syllables on each line that originates in Japan. Many poets love to write this form for the reason that it is short and any subject can be written. Writing this kind of poetry is also delicate since we have to carefully check the syllable counts in conformity with the rules. It is succinct that’s why every word that we are planning to add in must be fitting in order that our poem draws a perfect picture.

Haiku – this is another verse of Japanese origin with 5-7-5 counts of syllables in every line. A notable number of poets have been writing this form due to its brevity and particularity on one subject matter which is all about nature. This is more enigmatic as it calls for a deeper analysis in understanding the message pin inside the poem.

Senryu – a form of poetry that originates from Japan with 5-7-5 counts of syllables in each line like that of haiku; however the subject is more focus on human nature and this is usually expressed with irony and satire. A lot of individual inclined to poetry write this form because of its conciseness and frankness.

There are numerous forms of poetry that each of us must be familiarized, and try to write on each forms. Let ourselves discover which one is the most nearest to our heart and mind, and the most convenient type to write. Whether we are a season poet or just starting to acquaint into the world of verses, we have to encourage ourselves to continue writing and discovering poetry.

Cesar E. Gealogo, RC, Police Officer 3, Published Author

Website: [http://www.cesargealogo.com/]

He is a poet and a registered criminologist of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines. He is the author of a poetry book entitled: Whisper of Life. He is a member of the Professional Criminologist Association of the Philippines (PCAP). He earned two baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Criminology. He has also earned 36 academic units in Master of Public Administration. To learn more about his interest, please feel free to visit his personal website.