People write poems for different reasons. Most people that write poetry most likely use it as a way of expressing something they saw, felt, wanted, or experienced. When putting verse to rhythm somehow it affects us differently than if we were just reading a short story about the event or experience.

Some people write poetry to share, some seek out poetry competitions, to get their work broadly distributed. Some writers write poetry and other verse and use poetry submissions as a stepping stone to becoming published writers. Still others seek out poetry publishers or self-publishing tools to copyright their materials so they can share it themselves.

Underlying all of these is a need to express and be heard. That need comes from deep inside of the human spirit. Whether is is the share joy, sorrow laughter hope or experiences in life. So, even though they may not be ‘spiritually focused poems’ they are more often than not, ‘spiritually expressed’ poetry.

Writing Encouragement Poems – Inspirational or spiritual encouragement poems that speak to the creation or to the created being from a place higher than the everyday circumstance, somehow may seem to come right out of the spirit of man or even penned from the spirit of the Lord. You know, the kind that speak to what YOU saw, felt, wanted, or experienced… You remember – those poems that somehow trigger something inside of you to help you on your way for a day or for longer, in your journey through life.

An Inspiring English Literature Poem – One such poem I recall from my childhood (maybe 6th grade) for me was Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. From that poem, it spoke to me, based on my spiritual upbringing, about taken the high road – the road less traveled – as I equated it to the road to eternal glory vs. the road to eternal suffering in my 12 year old head – back in 6th grade. although it was in English class, it related to something I’d been taught in the Word of God. I believe we are given the gift of poetry in many forms that can encourage our spirits from beginning journeys into fulfillment journeys during our lives.

If you have found a poem that was particularly encouraging to you and you believe it will encourage someone else, please share it in our blog at our website. We can build a whole encouragement site from spiritual, love, or encouragement poems that touched our hearts.

Deb Atkins is an artist and writer who uses her creativity to encourage others.