Writing a fantasy novel can be complex but as most writers know, there are favorite genres among us all. Once in a while though, we can step out of our element and give a different type of writing a chance. Here are a few tips to remember when learning how to write a fantasy novel:

As with most novels, you should have a general plotline and start getting to know your characters. In some instances the characters are so alive that the novel can practically write itself at times. When you are trying out a different genre such as fantasy, you may want to have a little help in keeping in the right direction.

Belonging to a local writing group can be a great asset. Most groups meet at least twice a month. Small groups like this allow you to take a few pages of the novel and read them aloud. Criticism in this environment is meant to be helpful and can even lead to some wonderful brainstorming. Having your own little built in audience can help with the flow of the writing.

If you like reading fantasy novels, then you are a step ahead as you already know what you like and what you want in a book. This can prove to be time-saving. Another tip in that area is outlining the novel and this again, helps you get to know your characters and the different situations you would like them to experience and/or encounter.

Remember that even though you are writing a fantasy novel the trick is to make the characters believable. This will draw the reader in and make he or she fall in love with your fictional person or alien and before you know it, you could have a fan club begging for more news of this beloved character. Who knows? This could be even bigger than the Harry Potter series. There is nothing wrong in believing you can write it and be successful at it. You may very well do just that.

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