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Get More From Your Writing During National Novel Writing Month by Colin J Ball

In November, there are two types of people that come out of the woodworks: those wishing to grow the greatest mustache and those wishing to write the greatest novel in only 30 days. For purposes of this publishing space, the latter will be discussed in detail. Unfortunately, the former will end here, along with many young men’s hopes and dreams.

Thankfully, this month presents people with more than a longing for Thanksgiving and the anger many feel towards the beginning of Christmas Carols that seem to start a little too early. Many refer to November as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It is an idea that helps people get to writing the novel that they have either been putting off month after month, or it I just getting the burgeoning writer to get going on a sought dream.

Whatever the case may be, getting started is the most difficult part. With distractions everywhere coming from everyone we know. With just a few rules, getting going with NaNoWriMo can be done.

  1. Turn it off. That means your phone, your Internet, your TV, your technological world. These devices pose a greater threat to your productivity than they will ever help it. By having each and every tech gadget turned on, you give yourself the chance of checking them over and over again.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take a needed break. The phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” will ring true in this instance. NaNoWriMo is done over the course of a month for a reason. Sitting down and writing for longer than a few hours can be painful on your eyes, back and overall psyche. Making sure that you are: 1. Sleeping and 2. Allowing yourself to walk away, is one of the more important things to do. Fresh eyes allow for a clearer way of thinking.
  3. At the halfway point, let someone else see your work. As horrible and petrifying as this may be, letting anyone else see what you are doing may be your best bet. Not only is this outsider coming with an unbiased view of your writing but they also have the benefit of the unknown. The unknown being that they have no clue what you have been working on. Don’t tell them beforehand, just let them find out for themselves. Take their criticisms and input with a grain of salt, because even you know the finish product is little ways off.

The next month of writing isn’t make or break month for your writing career or your love for the written word. It’s a measuring stick that you are putting yourself up to. If you are willing to take a little time to yourself every day, then slowly and surely, NaNoWriMo will become more than just a challenge for you. Hopefully, it will become a right of passage.


About Colin Ball

Colin Ball is an Internet Marketing Specialist in Omaha, NE. He currently works for B2 Interactive in the west Omaha area and also recently graduated from Creighton University. You can find out more about Colin and other articles that he has written at http://www.b2interactive.com


About jcladyluv

Jimmetta Carpenter was born and raised in the Prince George’s County Maryland and has had a very big imagination since a very early age. She has been writing poetry since she was in elementary school around the age of ten. Her love of words has allowed her to express herself in ways in which verbally she can not. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and the author of a collection of poetry, The Art of Love under the Pseudonym Gemini, and a novel titled The Diary: Succession of Lies under the Pseudonym Jaycee Durant. She is looking forward to producing two new online magazines, Write 2 Be, and Write 2 Be*Kids, in 2013 under Write 2 Be Media Co. She is currently working on her third and fourth novels and is looking forward to having a very long and rewarding career in writing and hopes that through living out her dreams she can inspire someone else out there to realize theirs. Her advice to other up and coming authors is to NEVER stop believing in your dreams and don’t ever be afraid to dream big.

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