We all have times when our creativity sags. These times of lack cause us to doubt our abilities and creative gifts. We may think our age or a lack of talent is influencing our downward spiral. We hope to climb out of our artistic valleys and back into the sunlight of our imaginations. How do we bounce back, regain our confidence, and release new springs of creativity?

Here are some ways to get our grooves back:

Listen to new music

Sometimes our minds need to be exposed to new elements. Listening to music in a new genre stretches our thoughts outside our comfort zones and the creativity flows in. If you usually listen to jazz, switch to classical. You’ll be surprised at how new creative paths open up for you.

Turn off the technology

We are constantly inundated with outside messages from television, computers and smart phones. Enough already. Give your brain a rest from the traffic. If you’re a writer or graphic artist, create with a pencil and paper for a spell. You’ll be surprised at how your imagination kicks in when you give it space to operate.


Contact a creative friend and watch your juices flow. It’s surprising how a conversation with another creative spirit can spark your own ingenuity. Don’t limit yourself to artists in the same vein as yourself. If you’re a writer, talk to a painter or a dancer. An exchange of ideas will fill you both with inspiration.

Talk with a child

See the world through a child’s eyes. Children never run out of ideas. A child can turn a stick into a toy and a box into a castle. Have a conversation with a 5-year-old and renew your vision of the world.

Take a break

Sometimes we just push ourselves too hard. This often happens in the middle of a creative project. If you feel stuck in one place, stop and have a cup of tea on the terrace, take a walk around the block, or pick up a sandwich and eat it in the park. You could even take a nap! Our minds need rest just like our bodies do. Free your creative juices with a mini vacation.

These methods are simple, but effective. The next time you think your creativity is depleted, think again. A slight change in your routine can make all the difference. Rejuvenate your creative powers and unleash a new stream of artistry on the world. Create!

About Gioya McRae

Gioya McRae, Founder of Mocha Mind Communications, is a certified creativity coach, author, speaker and publisher. She coaches people in writing and self-publishing. Please visit http://mochamind.com for more information.