It’s the largest business networking site in the world and is the second-largest social networking site overall (after Facebook). Here are some tips:

  • Your profile functions as an online resume. You should definitely feature your published book on your profile, so that anyone who views your profile will see it. There is a section of the profile called Publications that is the perfect place to do this. If you wish, you can move Publications towards the top of your profile and mention the title and summary in your summary to make it more prominent. If you are using LinkedIn only to promote your book, be sure the rest of your profile establishes you as an authority on the topic of your book. Note: If you are also using LinkedIn as an online resume, be subtle in terms of how you promote your book. Potential employers may view your book in a negative light if they fear a lack of commitment to their organization.
  • Post updates on your book regularly on the home page, but not so often as to annoy your connections. If you have a blog, you can post links to the blogs as updates when you post articles. Be sure to include an author bio at the end of every blog that includes information about your book. Mix status updates about your book with updates about topics that relate to your book but are not overtly promoting it. Think about what would be of interest to your readers, whether written by you or another author, and post accordingly.
  • It’s possible to send email marketing messages to your LinkedIn connections, but use this feature judiciously. Many connections will resent intrusions into their inboxes. A more subtle way of reaching your connections (and acquiring new ones) is to join groups related to your book’s topic and post interesting, helpful, and/or entertaining information in group discussions to engage your audience.
  • Engage, engage, engage. It takes longer than you might like to establish relationships with LinkedIn connections who might one day buy your book. Make sure the audience you’re targeting is the right one for your book, and be consistent in posting, answering questions, and in general, letting your audience get to know you.
  • When possible, offer other types of content besides text that promote your book on your profile and in discussion groups. For example, you can provide links to YouTube videos and even images that evoke your material. This is a great way to get text-weary users re-engaged in your book.

LinkedIn offers an outstanding opportunity to market your books. Once you’ve conducted research to ensure you’re reaching the right audience, it isn’t time-consuming; plus, interaction with connections might provide you with the topic for your next book!

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