Many people who are looking for a way to make money online consider freelance writing. For anyone who has a computer, access to the Internet and reasonably good writing skills it’s actually a great way to start working from home. Read on to find out the answer to your question ‘how do I become a freelance writer?’ and I’ll also tell you why you don’t need any online writing experience.

First of all, why are freelance writers needed? Well basically there are millions of websites online, and these websites are in constant need of fresh content if they are to be competitive in the search engines. Articles and blog posts are in high demand, and there is always work available for a writer. In fact, if you knew exactly where to get started you could potentially have your first writing job by tomorrow (but more about that later).

A lot of would be writers make the mistake of thinking that you need to be able to write Pulitzer prize winning material (or at least have an English degree!) to make money writing online. This is not the case at all. In fact many of the most average writers make a very good living with their writing, and experienced freelance writers often earn up to 6 figures a year.

The truth is, that the average American only reads at a 7th-8th grade level, which means that your writing must be kept fairly simple and straightforward. Therefore if you can put some ideas down, formulate them into a coherent article, and have good spelling and grammar then you can be successful as a freelance writer. Even if you’ve never written an article in your life I guarantee if you take half an hour right now and try it you probably can.

So where do I get freelance writing jobs? There are many sites where writers can bid on writing jobs such as Elance, Rentacoder, Scriptlance and lots more. However, once you build a client base you will no longer have to go looking for jobs, because if you do a good job and build a reputation for yourself, your clients will come back again and again.

If you’ve been wondering how do I become a freelance writer then I hope this article has gone a little way towards answering your question. Of course there’s more to this that what I can include in a short article, but there are many great programs and ebooks that can teach you how to get started in your own home based freelance writing business. You could potentially start making money this very week. To get some more information I highly recommend you check out the program in my signature because it should fill in the missing pieces.

Want to earn money writing [] from home? Despite what you might think you DON’T need any experience as long as you can write good English.