Successful freelance writers have reached that status of their careers because of following a certain personal and professional etiquette or methodology. Their success is seldom the result of an extended or lucrative writing assignment that they received early in their careers. It is often more as a result of adhering to a certain set of behaviour patterns.

Many top ranked freelance writers who make much more money than their peers, share most of the following five characteristics.

1 – They don’t quit their day job before earning a regular part-time income. It is simply illogical, especially in this highly competitive world, to even contemplate leaving a steady job for a future that is uncertain. To make a living as an independent writer is quite possible, but it can be a long and arduous journey.

You first have to build up both your reputation and network and this comes with its challenges. Keep your daytime job and write on the sideline or after hours, thus enabling you to first build up a financial reserve.

2 – All successful freelance writers, write on a continuous basis. This is most likely the main difference that separates the amateurs from the professional writers. It is essential to write every day, not only to maintain momentum, but to continuously improve on your style.

It is not that difficult to write something every day, and can be something small like posting to a website, updating a blog or commenting on a forum.

3 – Meet all the deadlines.This is a non-negotiable and successful freelancers usually do not compromise or make excuses. Although deadlines may seem a bit more flexible in certain instances, always give yourself enough time to complete the draft work and then have enough time to concentrate on final editing.

When you promise a publisher or editor that you’ll have copy in by a certain date, then keep to your promise, or your reputation (and bank balance) might just suffer.

4 – Successful freelancers are versatile in their writing.They are fully aware that an article being written for a glamour magazine should not have the same characteristics and tone, as an article for a teenager magazine.

As a freelance writer, you must tune into your audience and become part of them whilst completing the assignment.

5 – Live a balanced Life. It has often been stated that there are two approaches to work: one is working to live; the other is living to work. Successful writers seems to know the difference and do not get too caught up with their writing assignments, at the expense of their families.

A balanced freelance writing life is all about embracing your physical, social and spiritual dimensions, in addition to allowing your best creative flair to come to the fore.

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