People take Freelance writing as a challenge. They are too scared to enter the writing hemisphere. The fear of wasting time and not finding appropriate work keep them at bay. Well my friend, there are hundreds of writing jobs available, and if you have a little skills on SEO, and other writing tools and have a good control over your grammar, you can be a wonderful writer and can make a living writing.

Here are some of the aspects that you should keep in head before becoming a freelance writer:

· Have Patience

· Gain the knowledge about different writing platform

· Create a pricing mechanism

· Build a portfolio

Have patience about getting a job. I know there are a lot of competition out there, but if you have the necessary skills, you will be hired today or tomorrow and you will gain yourself a platform to perform. And when you have that platform, don’t look back. Just ace it. If you do not get contracts in your expected time-period, don’t lose hope. Losing hope will be like giving up in the battlefield.

Gain knowledge about the different writing platforms. There are blogs, press release, SEO contents, web contents, eBooks etc. You need to have an idea about what these are and how do you master them. Don’t bid for work right away. Gain knowledge about these materials and increase your potential to pace up to catch on with the wild competition.

Create a pricing mechanism. Many freelancers are pointless about what to charge the client. Research the market and come up with a price that is both competitive in the market and also will give you a good revenue for writing.

Build a portfolio. A portfolio is a professional way of showcasing your talent to the outside world. Write interesting and intriguing topics that will inspire your clients and will make them say, “Oh, God. I really want this man to write for my blog”

If you follow these four basic step, you will make a giant leap into the writing hemisphere and have a lot of potential to make a living writing.

Every Freelance writers need an exposure. Blogging in different sites, also known as guest blogging, will give you a lot of exposure. For that, you will need a good network. What is a better platform for expanding your network and connections other than LinkedIn. Try to create a killer profile on LinkedIn. Get introduced to the leaders and contenders of your industry. If you have a lot of fellow freelance writers backing you up, there will be no looking back.