This month I wanted to celebrate the art of screenwriting and the hard work that goes into making the movies that we love to go see and watch over and over again that they are. Writing a novel is hard enough. But imagine what it takes to write a play or a screenplay. Even more-so imagine what goes into turning a book from the detailed story that it is and having to condense it into either a stage play or a movie that you go to the theaters to see. To capture the importance of the story told in a book and still be able to tell the story after trimming down all of the excess details is not an easy task to achieve.

I think that screenwriters are greatly underappreciated for all that they work to give us as viewers. I hope to one day (soon) work on doing screenwriting and I know that when I do decide to tackle that endeavor that I am in for some intense hard work. So this issue of Write 2 Be Magazine is my way of showing my appreciation to them and all of what they do. I hope you enjoy the articles and the interview clips with some brilliant screenwriters or screenwriters in the making and that you gain all the information from them that you need. Take care!


Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter