This blog is packed with a lot of helpful information for the writer who wants to get enthralled in the world of screenplay writing and making movies. It provides screenwriters (or screenwriters in the making) with a different take on the Hollywood industry from several different perspectives. You can’t beat the information that you will find in this blog and it is updated on a regular basis so the content is fresh always consistent. If you take the time to check this blog out I don’t think that you will regret it and I truly believe you will become a steady follower of it just as I have.


About Scott W. Smith

This blog was born in January 2008 after seeing Diablo Cody’s Juno. The fact that she went to college in Iowa, wrote a distinctly Midwestern screenplay while in Minneapolis, and was discovered while blogging seemed like enough synergy and inspiration for me to jump into the blogging world. Toward the end of 2008 Screenwriting from Iowa won a Regional Emmy in Advanced Media from The Upper Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. (In 2009, I won another Emmy for location lighting.)

Outside of living in Miami, Los Angeles and my hometown Orlando (where I am now based) I spent ten years living in Iowa —and those years greatly shaped my Outsider mentality. It was those years in Iowa (2003-2013) where I saw the digital revolution and social media really begin to fly. Filmmakers began to evolve from shooting mostly film to shooting mostly digitally, and You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Kickstarter, Indigogo and the like emerged providing new avenues to explore in the world of independent filmmaking in and outside of Los Angeles.

And though I’ve written many unproduced feature scripts, this blog serves mainly as a conduit for notes and quotes gathered from top screenwriters and directors in the field with the hope that they will give a sense of direction to those wanting to write screenplays and make movies—especially those in unusual places.