After writing a script, the next step is for you to learn how to sell a screenplay or script. Although there are no methods that are properly defined of making sales of your screenplay or scripts, you can utilize some tips that are basic to guide you. What can work for your scripts may not necessarily work for the other.

The first step is to ensure you write a script that simply can’t be turned down easily. Maybe you will write half a dozen scripts that will face rejection but at one point you’ll produce a script that will definitely be accepted. You should rewrite the screenplay or script as possible as you can but you have to ensure that the final work that you are handing out is the epitome of your perfection.

Before you start wondering how to sell your script, you should first ensure it is registered with the WGA.

It’s very challenging to get to insiders of the industry that is competitive. You should look for some form of referrals that might help you in this particular direction.

Prepare a list of agents that are literary approved with a track record that shows their success in the past. Release copies of your screenplay or script with a letter that covers them or you can even personally drop the copy of the scripts at the producer’s door-step. They always charge a given amount of money but they’ll try to deliver your goods. While you are waiting, you should often call them up to follow the matter up but you should also remember selling screenplays or scripts always take some time.

Note the contacts details and names of the producers who are well known to have interest in your script’s genre. Release some inquiry letters to producers. You should ensure that the letter is sufficiently convincing in order to entice them.

Send these enquiry letters out together with:

  • Your contact details and name
  • A work that was previously solicited in case there is one
  • Your achievements, education background, awards and credentials
  • The WGA number
  • A creative logline
  • A synopsis of your script or screenplay that is short. You should ensure you make it very interesting, if possible with a hook that is irresistible
  • A title that is catchy
  • Your script’s genre
  • Envelopes or postcards that are self-addressed
  • You should also make inquiries that are polite concerning the fate of the letter that you posted as well as the final decision.

If you want to learn more on how to sell a screenplay, you can go to and ask an accredited script doctor for a consultation.