Adapting a book into a play is not as easy as it appears. You need to develop self-confidence and potential as a writer in order to achieve excellence in the profession.

Tips to Achieve Excellence

The below mentioned tactics will help you in adapting a book to a play and achieving excellence in the field of writing screenplays.

• Develop an artistic mentality – An artist needs to be creative and innovative. You would be facing failure, ridicule and rejection if you do not put in your 100%. You need to be passionate and determined towards the goal.

• Learn the format of the play – Many writers lack knowledge about screenplay format due to lack of knowledge, or an unprofessional and careless attitude towards the job. A play written in proper format is appreciated by everyone. The producer, executives and directors would prefer your adaptation over others, if your play consists of these qualities.

• Do not overwrite – Many scripts designed by new authors are overwritten. They feel the need to mention every little incident of the novel in the play.

• Have respect towards the screenplay structure and story – Newbie writers do not always show respect towards the step outline, beat sheet and handling of the play, which annoys producers as well as directors. Writers could lose their jobs due to such unprofessional behavior. You need to pay proper attention towards minute details associated with screenwriting.

• Are you giving the necessary time for your play – No one can become successful overnight, unless maybe you win a lottery? You need to learn from your failure and try to do your best.

• Practice humility – Learn from your seniors and experts. Enjoy the journey towards your goal.

Learn the Tactics of Adapting a Book Into a Play From Tutors

Online as well as offline tutors are available to make the concept of screenwriting more understandable. Before writing a play, you need to cut out much of the not so important content of the book.

How to sell your play

Once you are through with writing work, the next step is to sell your play. The below mentioned tips will guide you in the right direction:

• Before starting your work, get it registered with the WGA. • Try to develop new associations and look for referrals that could help you in selling the script in the entertainment industry. • Research more about approved literary agents. • Find out the producers, who are in search of scripts, which are related to the genre of your play. Send them convincing letters mentioning details like:

1. Contact number, name, address 2. Qualifications, education background, achievement and awards. 3. An inventive log line 4. Attractive title 5. The genre of your play 6. Synopsis of your play

• Later, make inquiries about the final decision of the producer. Politeness is the key to success here. Rude attitude could annoy the producer and ruin your career. • Many online forums and discussions have been introduced. Participate in these activities too.

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