If you follow the Write 2 Be blog then you know that I struggled a lot last year with my commitment to my craft, as I’m sure all of us creative artsy types do at some point in our journey.  I believe the last full issue of the magazine that I put out was in August of last year and while I tried to update the magazine with something periodically, it wasn’t what I had committed to doing when I first set this magazine in motion.

I have to remember that when you start things out it takes time, sometime a very long time, for it to take traction and take off with the vigor that you go into a project wanting in an immediate time frame.  I admittedly gave up last year and got frustrated and lost my patience for my craft.  That’s no excuse, just explaining what I went through, or rather, what I put myself through, last year.  The reality is that no one is going to instill the commitment to my vision but me. The same goes for all of you out there.

If you are starting to get impatient with the journey, or frustrated with how long success seems to be avoiding you, you are definitely not alone.  You have to motivate and inspire yourself.  Trust me when I say that watching other people get to the goal that you had hoped to reach is not a fun thing to watch, and it’s not an issue of jealousy.  It’s an issue of knowing that you are just as capable and not making the choice to stay frustrated and impatient.  Your time is coming, I promise you.  I really believe that.  I have to believe that because I know that my time is coming too.  But it’s only going to come if I stay committed.  So my message to you in this issue is to stay committed to the process and the journey, no matter where it is taking you.  Keep moving!

Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter