Self-publishing an eBook is an excellent way to make your eBook available to the masses. The advantage of self-publishing an eBook for beginners is that it has a very low or even no cost; all you need is a good idea and motivation to write a book. Once you have completed your book, you can use PDF format, which is freely available. You can upload this book on your website or register with CreateSpace. You can fill the form for self-publishing an eBook and agree on the book price as well as royalties. Once these formalities are completed, your book will be available on the Amazon book store to download. Below are a few things, which are important in your journey to becoming a published author.

Get the Basics Right

The key to a good book is for its content to be up to par. Readers should feel good and happy after reading the book. This will happen only if a lot of hard work and research had been done in creating the content. Once the content is ready, have it proofread and professionally edited. You also need to identify the formatting used for self-publishing an eBook. Your formatting will depend on which devices you plan to release your book on, as some eBook readers require the data to be in a specific format. Do not miss having an impressive book cover, even if you have to shell-out some money for it.

Managing Costs

When you are self-publishing an eBook, you should look for exposure and coverage. Price can take a lower priority. Your goal should be to increase the number of downloads for the eBook. In the beginning, keep your prices relatively low to increase the number of downloads and interest in your eBook. It may seem illogical, but it is also effective to give away your eBook for free, particularly if you casually mention your related business and website within the book because more often than not you will make more sales for your business than you would make from the cost of selling the book.

Promote Your Work

Self-publishing an eBook is not enough. You need to promote your books. Use all available free channels to promote your book including social networking sites and blogs. Provide some intriguing excerpt from your book for download, so that it creates curiosity in the mind of people who will read your book. Share free copies to some eBook reviewers, and ask them to post their reviews of your book.


You are your own boss when self-publishing an eBook. You have to take charge from start to end. The above points will guide you in writing an eBook. an eBook ghostwriter and editor can further help to ease the process of writing.

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