So I am inspired by my friend and fellow writer, LaMonique Hamilton and her wonderful circle of creative friends that she has in North Carolina where she resides who had a vision board creation party not too long ago and I wanted to present a challenge to you.  Have you ever created a vision board before?  Well if you have not then take the next month to create one to provide visual motivation for you to reach your goals this year.

Vision Board

So the idea behind a vision board is that if you surround yourself with a visual of what you want to achieve and what goals you need to accomplish. All you need is a poster board and pictures torn from various magazines and other publications that highlight images of your goals.  So this next month, if you haven’t created one already, then work on that this month and take pictures of the finished project and email the pictures to the magazine at  If you have already completed a vision board then you’re already half way through with the challenge, you can just send in the picture.

Along with the emailing me a picture of your vision board send with it the story behind your vision board, the story behind you and what you are striving for this year.  I will be picking 10 of the best pictures and stories and featuring them in the next issue of Write 2 Be Magazine in March so get those pictures in quickly.

I look forward to all of your submissions!