This blog is focused on motivating creative individuals everywhere to get moving on accomplishing their goals and dreams in a Positive, Innovating, and Engaging way.  I have followed her blog from the very beginning and in the days when I have wanted to just give up on my dream it has been a blog that has gotten me through and reminded me consistently that my voice in this world does matter.  There is a lot to gain from following this blog and I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to enjoy the blog yourselves.

About The Sweetie Pie Blog and LaMonique Hamilton

LaMonique Hamilton is a freelance content producer based in eastern North Carolina. She has written for several publications, including Hope Today Magazine, WEEN Online, Write2Be, The Wilson Times, and Wilson Woman Magazine. She is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of PIEhole Magazine, which promotes up and coming artists who are positively impacting their neighborhoods and communities.

LaMonique is currently working on her first novel, The Markham County Book Club. Her blog, Sweetie Pie, is a personal account of her trials and triumphs as a woman, single mother, artist, and entrepreneur through the filter of her Christian faith. It is designed to motivate, and is written with an unapologetic, aggressively real voice.