This is from my own experiences, so I can guarantee its accuracy! I can not tell you about any magic push-button solution, but for anyone who thinks writing difficult and time-wasting, I can certainly offer some real encouragement, based what has happened to me.

Up until recently, writing was always something I kept away from. I did not even like the look of my own hand-writing. Also, it seemed to take so long to get ideas onto paper. It always seemed that writing was just not worth the effort.

I did believe that occasionally I had some ideas which might interest others, but the motivation was never strong enough to get over the mental blocks. This was the mind-set which I allowed to rule me for many years.

When I later became able to use a typewriter and then a keyboard, I had spent far too long believing that I could not be a writer. This of course stayed as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Then it became evident that the ability to write and be published could be of value, both business-wise and personally. So I started to look for advice and help to get rid of my personal writers-block. I read a number of guides, tips and reports on how to write; many were helpful in terms of how to compile and structure a piece of writing. Some even helped me with where to look for ideas to write about.

However, writing was still very much a job to be put-off, until it could wait no longer. Then I just could not wait to ‘get it done’ and ‘out of the way’.

I hope you are now interested in what changed for me. So much so that I can talk about writing as something to be enjoyed. Well, in the course of my search for overall personal development, I started to study some of the works of Dr Joe Vitale – ‘Mr Fire’.

Much of what Joe writes is so easy to read. It is also full of valuable personal growth material. It soon becomes obvious that he has mastered the art of getting ideas into print and I find it difficult to believe that he does not enjoy the process.

Some of his material referred to something he calls ‘hypnotic writing’. This means presenting ideas in a way that persuades the reader toward a particular point of view.

When I first heard about this, I just had to know more. Would it be possible for me to write ‘hypnotically’ and if so, how do I do it and how long will it take?

Sometimes, the universe just seems to come up with exactly the answer you need! There is a little piece of writing software which has transformed my writing experiences. It really has made it a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting process.

I now know that Joe is famous for his ‘hypnotic writing’, among many other life-enhancing ideas. I am just so grateful for this program which he developed.

When I sit down to write, whether it is articles – I have written and published hundreds – or anything else, I now know that I will not only get the job done, but be unable to believe how fast the time has gone.

The hypnotic writing wizard from Joe Vitale has made such a huge difference to me, I want anyone who wishes they could write to benefit from the article writing help I use just about every day. This is not in any way a sales pitch, but I do advise any aspiring writer to make checking out the software part of their research into becoming a better writer.

I thank goodness that there was the help and guidance I needed to increase my confidence and abilities as a writer. I now have many articles and a series of published books, of which I am inordinately proud.

Becoming a better writer is a real joy! There is training and guidance at


About John Anthony Jacksson

Until recently, I liked the idea of writing for publication, but did not believe I had much of interest to say. Since developing the confidence and getting some practice, I now enjoy getting my ideas down into words and look forward helping others to do the same.