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How To Use Facebook To Increase E-Book Success by Emily Craven

It is amazing how social media absorbs peoples’ lives, and if you can find a way to contact those who care about what you write, on a platform with almost 200 million users, you will be bouncing so high relatives may call for a straight jacket.

You know the platform I’m talking about – the notorious Facebook, with its endless (and ever increasing) number of groups and pages. By joining those which relate to your genre, you can get in contact with a host of potential readers. You can make your presence known by posting on these pages – think of them as a forum or discussion board. The more you participate on these pages, the better known you become. Other participants here will have an interest in your niche and hopefully your e-book. Start inviting people to be your friends if they interact with you on posts. Find the fan pages of authors who write in similar genres to yours, or the pages of experts in your field, and make friend requests to people who also like those pages. You can also create fan pages around your novel and provide people with your synopsis and discussions about your novel, or tips on a topic that interests them, using it like a website – one where people will actively and comfortably engage with you.

Other writers have started recommendation pages for their genre. Erotica writer ‘Summer Daniels’ started a Facebook fan page called “What To Read After 50 Shades of Grey” which has helped her funnel new readers to her own books as well as the books of other erotica authors.

Posts that get the most engagement on Facebook are photographs. So make sure you post interesting, entertaining and relevant photographs on your Facebook pages to increase reader interaction. Remember that your posts for the day should be 70% entertainment/content and only 30% promotion. No-one will join a Fan Page if they are only going to be promoted at.

Facebook allows you to do a whole host of things, such as add interests (or your keywords) to your profile page with your philosophy and bio. Make sure all your websites are listed and give an email, separate from your personal one, where people can contact you. Being aloof will not get you the following and sales you desire – only connecting with people and giving them every opportunity to connect in return will see your following increase and your work recognised.

Emily Craven is a non-fiction & YA fiction & an evangelist for e-books and author marketing. She has run transmedia events & spoken/run workshops on marketing and e-books for the ASA, If:Book Australia, the World Fantasy Convention and the National Young Writers’ Festival. She is the Digital Producer at If:Book Australia collaborating on their blog and projects, and consults with authors around the world on e-book marketing and author platforms. Her latest e-book and course ‘E-book Revolution: The Ultimate Guide To E-book Success’ are now available from her website http://www.emily-craven.com


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Jimmetta Carpenter is the Editor and Creator of the Free Fall Literary E-Zine and the Spoken Like A Queen E-Zine. She has dedicated herself to the power of the words and given into her passion for writing and has been writing poetry officially since the age of ten. She has a book of poetry titled “The Art of Love” published through lulu.com under the pen name Gemini. She is currently finishing up with her first novel and already working on her second. In 1998 she had her poem “Rest In Peace” published in an anthology put out by the International Library of Poetry and in the Spring of 2007 will have another poem titled “Through The Eyes of an Angel” published in another anthology also put out by the International Library of Poetry. She was also awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for that poem as well. She is looking forward to having a very long and rewarding career in writing and hopes that through living out her dreams she can inspire someone else out there to realize theirs. Her advice to other up and coming authors is to NEVER stop believing N your dreams and don’t ever be afraid to dream big. Jimmetta can be contacted by sending her an e-mail at freefall_lbp@yahoo.com or jcladyluv@yahoo.com.

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